I'm Lindsay! I'm a wife, a momma, owner of a talent agency (Parker Management) and a wellness coach. I wear a lot of hats, but I've always kind of liked it that way. 

During the week you can find me whipping up a healthy breakfast and hanging out with my family in the morning; then heading to a Barre3 class before jetting back home to shower and start my busy workday.

On the weekend, depending on the weather and time of year, I spend my time hiking or traveling with my family, redecorating the house, drinking wine, or if I'm lucky, I'm soaking up the sun by the pool reading a good magazine or book. Ok, that rarely happens here in Oregon, but when it does, I'm a happy momma.

Anyway, Wellhaus is a special place to me. It's a creative mix of the things I love in life and the things that make me feel, well. It's some travel, some healthy recipes, some interior design, some style, and every now and then, a journal. For me, it's a collection of those moments that inspire you and bring you joy; those moments you don't want to pass by without taking a photo. 


I moved to Portland from San Diego 5 years ago. It's insane, I know, but you really do get sick of the sun! Portland is such a great place. From the food and the outdoors, to the laid-back feel that you get here, I've really love living in this city. Not to mention, I met my husband here, so that was a major plus!

I still need to do a "how we met" post because honestly, it is kind of wild. But let's just say, it was love at first sight and we didn't waste any time at all. We have a toddler to prove it! His name is Parker. You will see/read a lot about him because, well, he's just the best dang thing to ever happen to us.

I love meeting and chatting with readers, so feel free to say hello anytime. Thanks for reading!