My Fall Focus List

I've started writing my focuses (or goals, intentions, whatever you want to call them) at the start of each season this year, and this time, I'm sharing it with you! I've found that this helps really set the "theme" of the season and reminds me of how I want to grow and progress.

My Fall Focuses:

1. Nourish and move. I feel amazing when I forgo dairy, gluten and only drink alcohol here and there. I have to remember that and make better choices with food. I also want to move in new ways and try new things. I want to try a dance class and maybe take tennis lessons! 

2. Remember LINDSAY before marriage and Parker. I am the first one to admit that my attachment to Tyson and Parker is SO strong. I've never felt so much love, comfort and happiness like I do with my little fam. And I know that sounds so sweet, but never getting tired of being around them makes it really hard for me to remember my identity on my own, before them. I know my identity has changed now that I'm a wife and mother, but sometimes I get so caught up and comfortable in family life, that I forget that I have other elements to my being that need fulfillment. So this season, I want to take more time to see my friends, do more things for work on my own (like the endless work trips that need to happen), etc. 

3. Take time for new hobbies and ideas. Now that the Parker Management model side will not be there (the modeling division was just acquired!), I need to give myself time to chase after my interests, not just what will make me money. Some things I'm really interested in doing more of is helping people/brands with social media, photography, teaching barre3 maybe, cooking, blogging more, traveling, learning French and potentially business coaching. I want to learn and educate myself more. I want to help people! I have so many things I want to do and I just need to free up some space to start letting myself do some of those things.

4. Get a colonoscopy and endoscopy. I have been putting this off for awhile because going under or being sedated scares the crap out of me. To the point where I literally think I'm going to elect to do it without any sedation. But unfortunately due to a family history of issues, I have to get this done earlier than most! Ugh. 

5. Road trip to California. We are planning to drive from Portland, to SF, to San Diego, and back up to Napa and then home. Road trips give me so much inspiration and also allow me to sift through so many thoughts.

6. Spend my time more wisely. I really want to work on getting better about time management and I know that takes discipline. 

7. Try something spiritually challenging. Go on a solo retreat, meditate more frequently, spend more time in prayer, get out in nature more often. Whatever it is, get in touch spiritually. 

8. Work on my fears and anxiety. This one is what holds me back from SO many things in my life. It's so odd, because I've found that the more comfortable I get in life, the more anxiety I feel. The less I push myself out of that comfort zone, the more anxious habits form in my life. I really need to make some leaps of faith this year and take myself out of what feels so nice and safe. 

9. Just BE. This ties in a lot with working on my anxiety and fear, but I have a really hard time just being. The quieter and more present I get, the more my anxious thoughts come in and take me away from great moments. For example, when something is going great and I am enjoying myself, rather than showing gratitude and being present, I start to think of negative things or thoughts like "why is this so great... do I deserve this? Or, does this mean something bad is going to happen?" I could go on and on with this subject, seriously. I really need to work on it!

What are your focuses lately? Try and make a list! These help me so much. I also feel like I need to write another follow up post on anxiety soon given that is still such a work in progress in my life. Let me know if you want to hear more on that. I know it's helpful to read about and relate to others journeys. 

Happy September, friends!! xx

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