Life Shifts and a Little TLC

If I'm quiet on here and on social for a little while it's because I'm on to something. Last week I was hit with a million things I wanted to start doing. In a good way. I just felt this "out of the blue" tug. At first I had to quiet the voice in my head and say "whoa whoa, this is too much." But I couldn't really get that voice to shut up, so instead, I just chose to listen. I went in my room, laid on my bed, closed the door and I just started to tune in.

"The talk" I had with myself was a bit all over the place. I should really hire more employees. Gosh I need to download more podcasts and start listening to those again. You know, I really should meditate more. OMG, I just had the best business idea. I should try and finish two books this month. Should I schedule a Barre3 class for tomorrow? I think I'm ready to move. Tea sounds kind of nice right now. Yeah, I should go make a cup of tea. No, ok, just stay in bed here a little longer and let's think through some things. I need to do some more creative things more often. In two years from now I wonder what I'll be doing?

Literally, this just went on and on and on.

I just let those thoughts ride out until I'm pretty sure I just got hungry and that took my mind off of it all. But it kind of made me realize... that's the crap I'm trying to sort out right now in my life. And heck, this is just the classic case of a curious person. Or maybe a 30-year-old, I can't quite tell. There are so many dang things I want to do that sometimes I just end up not doing any of them because it's all just too much.

So that's when I called it quits with my thoughts. Enough about ME and my thoughts. Enough trying to do it all at once. Enough shoulds. I knew in that moment that I just needed to let these things happen by creating more space to let it happen and by exploration with practice and learning. I've always lived by the idea of crowding out. If you want to create a new, long-term habit, rather than just drastically doing something new or cutting the old habit out, you just start adding in a lot of the good stuff and eventually the "bad" stuff isn't what you want anymore. So that's basically the plan.

It's been a really productive and inspiring last 5 days. They've been filled with so many ah-ha moments, so much clarity already, but most importantly, just a whole lot of contentment. I'm not here to tell you that you need to do all of these things, but I couldn't bear to not share this stuff because it's been shifting my life at the moment in such a positive way and frankly... it just feels soooo good! My days have been full of doing, absorbing and letting. Just letting it allllll come together, whatever the heck it is you are trying to gain clarity on or learn more about.

Here have been the game-changers for me:

1. EFT (Tapping). Tap in the car, at your desk, on the couch, at the gym. Just start tapping! For anxiety, self-doubt, thought reframing, etc. This technique has been one of the best tools lately and I've honestly been amazed at the difference tapping has made in my life. This video is an easy guideline.

2. Signing off social media. Just take a dang break. Except of course to share this post : ) But really... free up your time, let your mind focus more on your own journey and not on 500 others, and just disconnect for a bit. It doesn't need to be forever, just for a little bit. A few days, a week, a month...

3. You Are a Badass. This book is SUCH a good one. For anyone, really. I feel like it should be a pre-requisite in your 20's. I've been reading it first thing in the morning while sipping my coffee rather than on my phone, tv or starting work. What a better way to start your day.

4. Podcast like crazy. My favorite shows right now are:

The Melissa Ambrosini Show
Meditation Minis
The Tony Robbins Podcast
The School of Greatness
The Life Coach School

5. Meditate. Get quiet. 5-20 minutes. Ideally in the AM. Just commit! It's worth it.

These 5 simple-as-heck practices have been incredibly impactful. I feel like I've been at a self-help bootcamp in a sense and I just want MORE. And more and more and more. If I'm slightly obnoxious lately about deeper things, now you know my why. 


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