The Happy Summer To-Do List

I love a good to-do list to help remind me about all of things that inspire me, make me happy and are good for you! Summer is always a great time to tackle these simple pleasures.

1. Dig your toes in some sand
2. Take a good family hike and enjoy natures beauty
3. Wake up earlier
4. Unplug more often
5. Make a chopped salad. Ok, make a LOT of chopped salads
6. Plan a weekend getaway to a lake
7. Spend a whole day at the beach
8. Wear more color, it will make you smile : )
9. Practice more mindful time. Even if it's just 5 minutes!
10. Feed your mind with inspiring books + podcasts rather than tv
11. Veggie. Fruit. More veggies. More fruit.
12. Enjoy more dinners outside with the fam
13. Take more photos (with your camera, not phone)
14. Go camping
15. Make a new summer music playlist
16. Try to do more yoga
17. Spend a lot of time with friends
18. Throw a party
19. Go natural with makeup
20. Play more tennis
21. Drink more water + infuse with basil, mint, cucumber, strawberries... you name it!
22. Get a new fresh summer haircut
23. Plan more date nights
24. Go to an outdoor concert
25. Face a few fears, do at least 2 things that scare you

Happy Summer, friends!! xx

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