May Wellness Challenge

I am dedicating the month of May to living and feeling WELL. Work has consumed me lately. Owning a business, being a mom, and trying to have a life at the same time is not easy, that's for sure. It is so easy to let yourself run on autopilot, but we all know this isn't sustainable. So, this month I'm putting the spotlight on myself to make some slight changes and tp also push myself.

Here is how I will be challenging myself this month. Come join me!

1. Do something creative 3x a week. For me, this will probably look a lot like blogging and photography. Blogging to me is like a personal journal. Rather than waiting for great content, I'm going to try and just let it FLOW and talk about whatever is on my mind.

2. Workout before 10am each day. I find this to be such an amazing way to start your day. Although I'm still not quite a "get out of bed and go to the gym person." 10am seems reasonable ; )

3. Focus on running/walking outside and slower workouts. With the weather warming up, it's time to get outside! Also, I'm ramped up all the time. My focus will be on yoga, barre3 and pilates.

4. Less snacking. I snack so much more now because I work from home. I'm going to focus more on 4 meals a day and filling up on my favorite "spa" water (basil, blackberries and lemon).

5. Eat out only twice a week. One lunch, one dinner - I make such better choices when I cook at home more often. Plus, my bank account appreciates it!

6. Do something each week that is outside of your normal routine. Whether it's a new workout, a solo hike, going to a concert, attending an event, whatever! Do something different.

7. Listen to 3-5 motivational podcasts a week. It's time to get inspired. First on my list is The Lively Show!

8. Limit time on Instagram (or other social channels) to 30 minutes a day. We all know how much time we put into browsing mindlessly. I'm going to try and free up my time by mindfully using these channels.

9. Sign off email and social media at 5pm to spend time more quality time with family. Let's be honest, no device will ever be more important than this time well spent.

10. Do The Five Minute Journal everyday. This journal is so simple, yet makes such an impact! It's repetitive as ever, but when I did this last month almost daily, I swear by it!

Ok, May! Let's do this! xx

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