Using Essential Oils in our Home

Ever since I started working from home, I've been glued to my diffusor. I was burning a candle almost every day at my desk, only to realize that my candle wasn't the best to breathe in (thank you to my sister, Kelly who owns Crosby Elements for explaining this to me). 

When I started doing some research prior to purchasing my diffusor, I was pretty impressed by the results people were getting when using essential oils topically and diffusing them. So, I shopped around and ended up getting a few things from Saje Wellness. 

Here is what I ordered:


Here is my very honest opinion: 
I love everything.

I have found all of these items to be highly effective too. Specifically, the diffusor running in my office and then the topical oils in the traveling farmacy kit. I've been getting headaches more often lately (hello, work stress), and placing a little peppermint halo on my upper head and temples gave me immediate release.

For Parker, he gets a little stomach ache if he has too much dairy, so trying out "gutzy" with him was way too cute. While he can't tell us for sure that it has helped, he has been asking for it when his stomach gets upset. His favorite part is applying it on his own belly : )

And for Tyson, the aches and pains guy, he thinks (but isn't 100% confident just yet) that it actually was helpful for his back. He said he still needs more time to decide ; )

I've really loved learning about the power of essential oils. I'm always one to opt for a natural solution whenever I can, and it's nice when you find things that actually work! I found Dr. Axe's site to be really helpful in learning more about the power of essential oils. You can find his input here.

Happy healing! xx

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