Gather: The Fancy Grilled Cheese

My friends can attest, I love me a fancy grilled cheese. And when it comes to throwing parties, I'm pretty sure you can't go wrong serving these.

Pair a grilled cheese with a side salad and soup, and voila! Here is how to keep this budget friendly, simple to put together, and appealing for picky eaters and those friends that have a food intolerance.

Made to Order: A Fancy Grilled Cheese

Bread Options:

Sourdough bread
Gluten-free bread

Cheese Options:

Goats milk cheddar
Gouda cheese
Vegan cheese (my favorite flavors come from Follow Your Heart)

Protein options:

Deli turkey

Veggie Options:

Dill sandwich pickles

Topping Options:

Butter (for cooking)
Stoneground mustard
Ketchup (for dipping)
Cracked pepper


Make these look fancy by cracking pepper and placing sage or rosemary on top.

Pairing Options:

Local Beer + Wine
Deli Salad from New Seasons 
Boxed soups like the Tomato/Red Pepper one from Pacific Foods

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