Wellhaus Wellness Guide: Portland, OR

After my first Healthy Food Guide to Portland, you all asked me about the naturopath I go to, spa recommendations, best fitness studio, etc. So, I'm here to share! Luckily, here in Portland, there is no shortage of all things that keep you looking and feeling WELL.


Blooming Moon Spa: This place might always be my favorite because I've been going there since I moved to Portland. They offer great, natural products and they have killer facials, nail care, massages, and waxing. Ginny, the owner, couldn't be more talented and their new space is beautiful.

KIVA: Both a cafe and spa, they offer a really great overall experience. I prefer their facials the most!

Rumi Simone: This is technically in Lake Oswego, but if you are looking for a "luxe" experience, this is the spot to go!


Skin By Lovely: I couldn't say better things about this place. Everyone there is extremely knowledgeable and talented. If you go this route with your skincare, this is the best place to do so.


Barre3: If you know me, you know I love me some Barre3! It's challenging, relaxing, and full of good music, great people, and NO PRESSURE. Perhaps my favorite thing about the class is that you don't feel like you have to be in the best shape, wearing the best outfit to show up. Plus, they are HQ'd in Portland!

YoYoYogi: This is such an awesome yoga studio for so many reasons. I love all of the different classes they offer. My only complaint would be that parking down in the Pearl isn't always the most fun, but the great classes make it worth it!

StarCycle: Best spin class in town, no question.


Midas: Great spot in the NW. Wine and nails? Yes please!

Finger Bang: If you are looking to do get some fun nail designs, this is the spot. Make sure to make an appointment!

Blooming Moon Spa: The best spot for a spa pedicure. All non-toxic too!




Brooke Meadows at Vetiver Acupuncture: Hands down, the cutest spot to get acupuncture. Brooke, the owner of Vetiver, has done such an incredible job with her place. Not only that, but she is incredibly knowledgeable, calming and kind. I highly recommend her as well for someone new to acupuncture. 

Sandy Reidman at Mandala Medicine: Sandy was my first experience with acupuncture and got me hooked! Her method is much different than others. She does a massage + acupuncture technique so it feels like a big bang for your buck! Plus, she is an incredible human.


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