Pronghorn Resort (Bend, OR)

Key Travel Notes:

 -Great pool
 -Great spa   
-Healthy food options
-Great for family  
 -Great for being active (gym, tennis courts, trails)


I have been having some major withdrawals from our mini-vacation! I honestly can't even remember the last time I was able to relax as much as I did the other week at Pronghorn.

Although we only spent two nights there, it felt like a true, week-long vacation. The obvious is that the setting and location of the resort is just beautiful. It's the type of place you go to and don't really venture anywhere else. We had big plans to go other places around Bend, but we had so much to do there and we really didn't want to do anything else but stay and play.

We basically lived at the pool. If you have a kiddo that isn't quite swimming yet, their pool is ideal. Parker won't spend very long at a pool because he doesn't love using floaties yet. They have a walk-in, shallow area, that was perfect for him to play around in. They also have a small waterslide and a ton of fun pool toys. The setup there makes it really easy to hang around a pool (for both adults and the kiddos). Not to mention, they have some really tasty (and healthy!) food and drink options.

I would say that the other major highlight, is the driving range. Obviously, their golf course is one of the best in the U.S. (which my husband was able to play), but they also have a beautiful driving range that you can walk up to and hit balls at, anytime. This was a real hit! Especially for Parker and Tyson.

The other part I loved about staying there, was the room we were in. We had one of their townhouse type rooms that included a master bedroom and a loft. You also have a full kitchen, living room and outdoor patio with a fire pit. I linked the video to our room above because as you will see, it was awesome. I love having a kitchen when we travel because it makes you feel a little more at home. It also makes it so much easier if you are traveling with a kiddo.

Anyway, I could go on and on, but like I said, this was just such a relaxing place! I have been working my butt off lately, putting in some really long days, so I really needed something like this. Every time we take a vacation, especially a relaxing, family one, I'm reminded of how important it is.

We can't wait to be back soon, Pronghorn!

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