It's Been a Little While

I guess it's time I do a life update! So much has changed in the last two months and I've really been reminded over and over again that when you feel that nudge for a change, you've got to listen.

When I wrote this post in February, I was ready to dabble into a bunch of things. I was working part time (remotely) at the talent agency in San Diego, then working for my friend that is an Interior Designer, then taking freelance creative jobs on the side as well, all while watching Parker most days. I was excited because I finally had a chance to try a bunch of new things and see what I liked best, but fast forward to the end of February and I was feeling scatter brained and overwhelmed.

Here's what I realized... I like a lot of things. I've always been that way! However, being extremely Type A, feeling pulled in too many directions drove me nuts. I've also learned that as a Type A person, you can't really be doing a bunch of things while trying to figure out what you want to do next. So, I ended up leaving the job in San Diego, stopped taking on any new projects and I took two weeks to not do anything. Financially this maybe wasn't the smartest idea, but truthfully, in the end it was well worth it. I realized that I really needed a second to slow down and stop worrying about what was next, so I did just that.

One thing that I just couldn't get out of my head, was the fact that I've wanted to start my own business for a long time and the talent world was definitely where I felt like I would thrive the most in. For those two weeks, I couldn't stop thinking about it. One day I would want to start my own agency, and then the next day I was remembering what a weird world digital media is and how sometimes, I really hate it. I kept going back and forth on the idea.

I have always loved the actual job. Managing talent, negotiating rates, helping brands find the right people- I love it. The problem I have, is with everything else around it. The superficial part, the competition and the overall industry at times. I knew that if I were going to stay doing the job I love to do, I had to change it up. For me, I didn't want to only see someone posing in every single picture on their social media feed anymore. (And please let me just say, if that's your thing, do it. I also get that if you are a style blogger, it's part of the game!) I just personally feel like there needs to be more. More substance, more to offer, less self-concerned, and more honest and inspiring.

That's how Parker Management was born.

Parker Management thrives in the wellness, travel and lifestyle realm. And honestly, it feels so dang good. I went from feeling frustrated with social media, to feeling so inspired by these people. To know that the talent I get to work with truly do what they love and have a platform for that where they can have an audience and make money from it, is incredible. It's less about "look at me" and a need a for fame, but more about truly showing the world what they are passionate about, and that makes running this business more fulfilling than I could have ever imagined.

So, that's what I've been up to : )

Oh, and now we are trying to find a new house to live in. We having been renting for a few years, but they are going to sell our place. We can't decide whether to buy (although what I want is way out of our price range) or keep renting in a new place for another year. Blaaaah! So yep, that's life, currently.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I'll be soaking up as much of this Portland sunshine as I possibly can and of course working a bit (insert smiling/sweat emoji).


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