Getaway: Mission Beach

Happy Tuesday! We have been soaking up all of the sunshine down here in San Diego and dang it feels so, so good. We have been spending time all over Southern California, but last week we spent a few days in Mission Bay at the Hilton San Diego Resort & Spa on Mission Bay. Let me just say, this place was exactly what I was hoping for.

First of all, the location is possibly the best in San Diego. The resort is situated right on the bay; a few minutes from Old Town and Sea World and just outside of downtown, so you really get to experience the beauty of San Diego. We had all of these things we wanted to do in the area, but once we got there, we honestly didn't want to leave!

Jumpsuit: Asos | Earrings: Nordstrom Rack 

From great food and poolside cocktails to bayside morning runs and stand up paddle boarding, why would you leave?? When traveling kiddo, this exactly the type of place you want to go to. You have everything you need.

I'm sure many parents can relate, but coordinating a bunch of plans with a toddler can get a little tricky. Lately when we travel, we've been opting to get room service for dinner and we go somewhere for lunch when Parker's mood is a better bet! Room service for dinner is obviously a pricey way to go, but I'm convinced that it is SO worth it.

The Hilton's room service was amazing. We were able to sit on the patio and eat our dinner while watching the sunset, drinking a bottle of wine and snacking on a cheese plate. Take me back!!

Traveling with a kiddo is definitely not the easiest thing to do. It takes a LOT of teamwork, a lot of coordination and a lot of patience. I will say though, the more we have traveled, the easier it has become. And I strongly stand by the importance of taking family trips! It's good for the soul and great for the memories.

Until next time, Mission Bay. You were so much fun and we can't wait to get back there. x


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