Creating a Productive Home Office

Working from home is great, but if you aren't set up properly, it can totally suck. Sitting on the couch, feet propped up while working from your laptop can actually get old, believe it or not. If your goal is to have working from home be productive, then I've got the perfect things to help you!

1. A simple space. My philosophy is that if you have a creative job, keep your surroundings simple and clean. If you have a job that doesn't involve anything creative, I like the idea of keeping your area lively and fun. Think wallpaper, lots of flowers or plants, etc...

2. A large monitor. A larger monitor allows you to work more efficiently. You can work from multiple tabs at the same time and you aren't straining your eyes as much. It feels more business-like in a way. I personally have a MacBook that I use on the go, but when it's time to do work, I plug it into the larger monitor.

3. Plants. This is non-negotiable! Unless you are allergic, of course. I am a huge fan of house plants. Not only do they keep your air healthy and clean, but they add a ton of life to a room.

4. Productive music. I mean, if listening to rap while you work is your thing, don't let me sway you! I personally find that the busier the music, the less productive I feel. I also want to fall asleep if the music is too slow, so something like a Tycho album or the Jazz Vibes station on Spotify are my absolute favorites.

5. A little aromatherapy. I love diffusing some oils while I work. If it's rainy and I'm feeling a little "meh" I like to diffuse a little orange, lavender and bergamot. If I need to focus for a few hours, my go to is Rosemary oil. Aromatherapy over a candle is a much healthier choice if it is going to be sitting next to you for a few hours.

6. Supplies you love. Pens, notebooks, scissors, whatever- I'm a total sucker for getting all of my favorites. I will easily drop $25 on a notebook and you better believe I enjoy writing in it every time.

7. Pink salt lamp. I'm a big fan of adding as many natural elements as you can around your workplace. A salt lamp not only assists in better air quality, but it has great light and color benefits for your mood as well.

8. Healthy snacks. Leave it up to me to always throw food in a post somehow! Seriously though, I am a huge fan of keeping healthy snacks close by your desk. You can't expect to keep working efficiently if you aren't fueling your body. I know so many people that forget to eat lunch while working. Having healthy options (nuts, healthy bars, kale chips, etc) on hand will be your best friend. Oh and while I'm at it... WATER. Keep plenty of that around as well.

9. A comfy chair. This is going to be different for everyone, but I personally don't care for task chairs. I'm more of a non-desk chair looking chair kind of gal, but it still has to be comfortable. Hence, why I chose more of living room chair as my desk chair (lol). Again, my personal preference is all about cute, cozy and comfy. Get a chair that feels best to you!

10. Fresh air. There is truly nothing better than a little fresh air. Call me crazy, but even in winter, I crack my window open and sit there in layers of clothes. I think we can all agree that sitting in a stuffy room can be a little depressing!

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