Transitional Style

jacket: nordstrom | pants: topshop | shoes: converse 

Well, it was a breakthrough kind of day here in Portland because.... SUNSHINE. Yep, it's true. But don't get too excited because it's only here for one day. This is what Portland does to you, I swear. It's like, hey, see how incredible the PNW is when it's sunny out? Well, I'll just keep you hanging onto that...

Every time I feel like, "ok, I can't handle another grey and rainy day anymore," mother nature does this tricky thing and throws in a sunny day or two just to remind you exactly why you live here.

So, here is a transitional outfit from winter to spring. You never really know how to dress this time of year, so you've got to be a little creative. But when in doubt, tennis shoes and a leather jacket are always a-okay!


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