Change of Pace

Well, it has been an official week and a half since I started my whole new working-from-home routine and I have to admit, this rules. I'm currently tackling a bunch of to-do's, I have been spending a lot more quality time with my family and believe it or not, I actually feel more productive. And guys, this is even my second day without coffee, so YES. Go me.

I have been getting asked a lot about what job change I made and I am sorry to those of you I didn't respond to! It's kind of long story, but I will keep it brief here: I left my position at the modeling agency to start a new part-time role at a company called Be Social. They are in California, so for now, I will be working remotely up here in Portland and traveling down to San Diego more often. I'll be doing similar talent management, just with influencers rather than models.

As for the rest of my time, I am jumping into some freelance creative work. I will be helping my good friend and her interior design business, assist in some social media strategy for a few brands, a little production here and there and some photography. Whew.

So there you have it! I'm pretty excited about everything. I feel like the creative side of me has been ignited again and it feels so good to have that back. I've even had time to refresh my blog, as you can see (just please excuse the dropdown menu for the next couple of weeks). Blogging has always been a fun side project for me so I'm excited to have the opportunity to spend more time on it.

Thank you for all of your support and for reading along; it means so much! Now excuse me while Parker and I finish up an episode of Masha and the Bear in bed... ; )



  1. love you! So excited to see you will be venturing to San Diego more often. Good luck in all your new endeavors. (this is Brittney S. can't figure out the comment part.) :)

    1. Aw, thanks Britt! I'm so excited too. I need to see you and catch up asap!!! Love you! xoxoxo