Breakfast with Lauren Collins

Haaaaaappy Friday everyone! 

This morning I am kicking off a new series of interviews with inspirational, badass women. Wellness experts, entrepreneurs, artists, mothers, fitness gurus, and more; these women inspire me in so many ways and I couldn't be more excited to bring this space to Wellhaus.

Starting this series is one beautiful woman, inside and out. Lauren gives us some of her top tips for keeping fit, talks about her new business venture with her sis, and gives a little insight into the modeling world. Enjoy a little motivation from athlete, model and business owner, Lauren Collins!

1)    So, hi! Introduce yourself: 

Hi! My name is Lauren Collins. I'm a wife, full time model and co-founder of @siss_fit! I was born and raised in Orange County, California and I am a lover of all things health and fitness.

2) What has your health philosophy always been?

My health philosophy is keeping things simple.  There is such an overabundance of information surrounding health and fitness, so I try to stick to the basics and listen to my body.  Whether that is eating clean and unprocessed, or working out in a way that my body craves; I really try to avoid letting it stress me out and just do what feels right.  

3) You are traveling ALL the time- how do you stay on a workout routine while your gone?

Haha yes, travel has definitely become a part of my norm!  A lot of people say “I’ll get back on track when I get home,” but unfortunately that would mean that I am never on track!  What has worked really well for me has been creating workouts for myself that I know are both efficient and effective.  When you travel a lot it is nearly impossible to avoid long days, unhealthy dining options, and jetlag.  I quickly learned that in order to balance the demands of looking a certain way, and more importantly feeling healthy and energized, I would need to come up with a health and workout routine that I could count on to deliver these results…which leads me to your next question!

 4) You just started a new company with your sister. Tell us about that!

I did!  The brand that we started is called SISSFiT.  SISS stands for sisters and is also an acronym for Stay Inspired Stay Strong.  Our goal is to inspire and educate women to look and feel their best.  My sister Kelly, also had a career that required a lot of travel, so we were constantly exchanging workouts and health tips that would keep us on top of our game.  We began to realize that there are so many women out there facing the challenge of fitting efficient yet effective workouts into their everyday lives (who has time to spend hours in a gym, honestly?!).  So, we teamed up and created workout and nutrition guides that provide women a very easy-to-follow workout plan requiring minimal time, space, and equipment, while still delivering results.  We’ve personally used these workouts and nutritional guidelines for years, so it’s been really fun to share this information with other women and simplify the health and fitness aspect of our crazy, over-stimulated lifestyles!  

5) What kind of pressures do you deal with in the modeling industry? How do you keep yourself mentally healthy?

I think that there will always be at least some pressure to look youthful and have a certain body type.  Fortunately the industry seems to be shifting away from super thin, which is great, but it’s nearly impossible to avoid at least some criticism from time to time.  Two things have helped me to stay mentally healthy:  1.  A strong support system; I have the most amazing family and friends, which makes brushing off negative criticism a lot easier, and 2.  I learned very early on that you will NEVER be the perfect fit for everyone.  Sometimes you are too tall or too muscular or too thin, but then the next client will say you are too short or not strong enough or too thick.  It’s pretty laughable honestly.  But, confidence is key, and as soon as you accept and love who you are, others tend to see it as well. 

6) Being a full time model is like running your own business. What are a few things that have helped you be so successful?

Well first off, thanks for considering me successful!  I think that modeling is a lot like most jobs, the harder you work the more it will pay off.  A lot of people think that you will succeed simply by result of the way you look, but there is a lot more that goes into this job than looks.  It is very important to be on top of your day-to-day life so that you are available to go on auditions or travel for jobs at a moments notice.  For me, it has been pertinent that I stay in good physical shape because I never know what type of activity a job might demand.  It is also extremely important to work with an agent whom you trust and who trusts you.  You’re constantly meeting new clients and creating new relationships, so working with an agent that you know has your back, but that also trusts you to perform (because they are constantly vouching and putting themselves on the line for you as well!) is crucial.   

Quick Q’s:

Breakfast of choice? Avocado toast with an egg and side of fruit
Favorite workout song currently? Changes everyday! Typically something in the top 40 that is upbeat
Skincare must-have? Witchhazel, so simple!
Best snacks to bring traveling? Trail mix, healthy bars, and unsweetened dried fruit
Coffee or tea? Coffee…probably should be tea :-X
Best book you’ve read lately? Toss up between The girl on the Train and Luckiest Girl Alive
Wine or mixed drink? Wine.  However, a summer cocktail by the pool can be pretty amazing too..
Favorite move for toned arms? So funny you ask this because I am a total sucker for legs and core…but arms I’d have to say bicep curl to overhead press + tricep extension.  It’s a compound move, but is sure to cover all bases!
Must-try wellness tip? Pedialyte.  Airplanes and hotel rooms suck the life out of my skin and totally dehydrate me, which often leads to muscle cramps.  I’ve found that drinking pedialyte while traveling totally saves my skin and keeps me hydrated!  
Current mantra? I love to plan, but nothing ever goes to plan so right now it is “go with the flow.”  Faith is very important to me so if I can just let go of the reigns and trust the Man upstairs, life tends to work out pretty well.  

Photo credits:

Medball w/white top: Les Guzman (@lesguzman)
Running w/blue sportsbra: James Macari (@jamesmacari)
All white in bed: Brandon Flint (@brandonflint_)
Sister yoga: Brandon Flint (@brandonflint_)

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