Road Trip (Part Two): Park City and Boise

I'm almost in tears just writing this, because honestly- as I recap our road trip, I keep thinking about how the best part of it all was having so much time with Parker. This was the first solid chunk of time I've been able to spend with him since I was on my (very short) maternity leave. I had two weeks straight (TWO STRAIGHT!) with him. Full days! And it was heaven. He's honestly just so much fun and I've never loved something so dang much in my entire life. I don't know how else to describe it, but I'm going to wipe my tears now and pull myself together (hashtag momlife?).

Okay, okay, back to the road trip...

Thanks to a cooperating kiddo, we decided that rather than driving up back up the California route, we'd drive up through Nevada, Utah, Boise and then back to home Portland. Whew!

Tyson and I had been wanting to see Park City, Utah and that is exactly what we did. We drove straight from Temecula, CA to Park City, UT with only ONE stop in St. George. At this point we were basically professional road trippers, so the one-stop on a 10 hour drive just felt like the "advanced" thing to do. Only natural...

When we arrive to our hotel, The Chateaux in Park City, we both just did a big "sighhhhhh." It felt so great to be there not only because we were so wiped out from driving, but because the place was SO beautiful and so cozy.

We rolled out of the car to check in, all while I had a massive water mark on my butt from spilling water in the car and Parker was walking around with a full blowout diaper. I tried to keep my cool and effortlessly cover up my backside with my purse while I was standing at check-in, rather than explain to everyone that I DID NOT pee my pants and it was just water... All while Tyson was unloading the ridiculous amount of luggage that comes with having a kid and wife that is a notorious over-packer.

Anyway, we got settled into our room, headed out to a few Breweries in town and then came RIGHT back to hang out in the room. After so much traveling, sitting in a hotel bed with the fire on while drinking a glass of red wine sounded perfect, so that's what we did. They even set Parker up with a crib and blanket, so he felt riiiiight at home.

The next morning we packed up our stuff for the millionth time and headed straight for Boise, Idaho to stay with my close friend and her husband. We didn't get in until late, but since it was our last night of this long road trip, we had to eat our favorite restaurant, Juniper. This place is just the best! And so is Boise for that matter. I'm not quite sure what it is about that place, but Tyson and I love it there.



It's always nice to be back home.

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