Road Trip (Part One): San Fransisco and Carmel

Almost two weeks ago we said, what the heck, and drove our way down the west coast. I literally googled "are long car rides a form of torture for toddlers?" And "20 ways to entertain a toddler in the car." We packed our car with just about all of our belongings and kept Parker entertained with his tablet full of tv shows, a few new books and LeapFrog games. This kid, I tell ya... he was SUCH a champ. We were so dang relieved and so thankful.

We left at 4am so Parker would just go right back to sleep, which he did until about 7:30am. And that tablet, that I swore I would never give my child... LIFESAVER! I take back every comment I previously made about those things. We propped it on the back of the headrest and we suddenly became "one of those" cars with the tv. Whatever! We managed to make only one stop for lunch and gas and then...

First stop, San Fran! Well, more like Tiburon (on the other side of the golden gate bridge). After driving over 10 hours the last thing we wanted was a big city to sleep in. And boy were we right.

Tiburon is SO charming, so relaxed and very quiet. Just what we were hoping for.

We stayed at the Lodge at Tiburon and were greeted at our room with the tastiest cheese plate I've had in a long time. I immediately put on the hotel robe and popped open some champagne while I procrastinated on doing anything else. Vacation mode ON. We didn't even leave the hotel that night. We ate dinner at their restaurant, Tiburon Tavern, and I'm not kidding- that was the best meal I've had in a long time! We went all out. I even had a steak, which I haven't had in a LONG time (I stopped eating cow/pig awhile ago). The waiter gave us a whole rundown on where it came from (just up the road), how it was raised and how they treat their animals. Like straight out of the Portlandia episode, but in the best way possible. We were really impressed and can't wait to be back.

The next day we drove our way down the coast. We stopped in Santa Cruz to see Tyson's cousin, and then drove by Capitola. What a cute place!

Then, we finally made it to my favorite town, Carmel.

Carmel is like a storybook. It has always been a family favorite of ours growing up and it proved to be the same, charming town like I remember.

We stayed at the Hotel Carmel, which was recently renovated. This is one of the best places I've stayed in a long time and I will definitely be back. Quaint, cozy and decorated really well.

We checked in, walked around town, then put Parker down for a nap. The best part about our room was that it was on a lower level right next to their outside fire pit. Our video monitor was able to reach it, so Tyson and I walked outside and had a glass of wine while the little man napped. Major plus!! We ended up ordering takeout that night and eating it in the room, because why the heck not?

The next morning the boys stayed in bed late while I went for a run down to the beach. It felt so refreshing to see the ocean and I soaked up every little bit of alone time I could!

Part two coming soon! Happy Friday everyone!

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