Road Trip (Part One): San Fransisco and Carmel

Almost two weeks ago we said, what the heck, and drove our way down the west coast. I literally googled "are long car rides a form of torture for toddlers?" And "20 ways to entertain a toddler in the car." We packed our car with just about all of our belongings and kept Parker entertained with his tablet full of tv shows, a few new books and LeapFrog games. This kid, I tell ya... he was SUCH a champ. We were so dang relieved and so thankful.

We left at 4am so Parker would just go right back to sleep, which he did until about 7:30am. And that tablet, that I swore I would never give my child... LIFESAVER! I take back every comment I previously made about those things. We propped it on the back of the headrest and we suddenly became "one of those" cars with the tv. Whatever! We managed to make only one stop for lunch and gas and then...

First stop, San Fran! Well, more like Tiburon (on the other side of the golden gate bridge). After driving over 10 hours the last thing we wanted was a big city to sleep in. And boy were we right.

Tiburon is SO charming, so relaxed and very quiet. Just what we were hoping for.

A Healthy Apple Crumble

What's fall without some apple picking? If you are like me, you go apple picking and in the midst of the thrill of loading your bag with apples, you end up getting a ton (emphasis on ton) of apples and then return home questioning what exactly you thought you were going to be making with those apples. As if I ran a whole restaurant or something...

So, apple crumble for dessert every night for the next month!


You are about to get to know me really well guys.

When someone recently said that "my life looked so great (totally referencing to what they see on social media)," I thought to myself... well, yes, mostly it really is. I mean, I don't really curate the things I do for social media. I actually do those things in "real life" and then try and just make what I'm already doing look pretty for the camera. But, it's easy to look at pictures of everyone's "happy moments" and convince yourself that your life isn't nearly as awesome as theirs (I've done this so many times). And this is the troubling part about social media. 

Anyway, I've been meaning to write this post for some time, and hearing those words prompted me to get it done. Because, you know, we are all only human. I've got shit I deal with, you've got shit you deal with, and we all have shit we deal with. The stuff you don't always see on social media. Pardon my language.

For me, anxiety has been a huge, shitty (haha- ok, done cursing) beast to deal with. And I've been dealing with this since my early 20's. I even remember the birth, so to speak, of my anxiety. It basically came out of nowhere. I had a really bad stomach ache after returning home from a trip to Costa Rica when I was 20. I started semi-panicking that I caught something while I was there. That then led to my heart beating irregularly and before you knew it, I was at the doctors office freaking out, making sure I was okay.