Toddler Days

I can't even believe how quickly time is flying by. I just want to hit pause and replay on so many of these moments. But here he is, our big 19 month old, just becoming a young boy before our very own eyes.

father and baby love

We really started to see him totally evolve into this little squish of a man at around 14 months. You know, a little attitude here and there, some very sneaky behaviors and a look on his face that screamed "I know you think I don't know what's going on here because I'm only 29 inches, but I know a lot more than you think I do." Most parents can probably relate, but it is just incredible to watch them really start to develop. I mean, the moment he started using a fork on his own you would have thought we just won a car or something.

Gosh, parents can be such nerds in like, the absolutely best way possible. 

Anyway, the other side of all of this greatness are those other developmental things that really throw you off. For instance, I really try and make it a point to have sit down dinners at the table. I think it is so important for kiddos, but I also know you really have to try and make a good point to do so. Well, (un)lucky for us, our dining room table just happens to be on top of carpet. And me, mom over here, loves to make dinners that involve stuff that stains carpets (turmeric anyone?). So get a toddler over there and watch how fast that dinner goes on the carpet, their clothes, the walls, etc. I know many of you are with me right now...

So, what happens next? It's time to discipline.

And this is where we are currently at. We've gone from time-outs and firm voices to re-directing and just completely ignoring. We try our hardest to hold back our true frustration when once again, Parker throws something at our face or screams (this is his new favorite) at the top of his lungs in the middle of a store. And while we've toyed with all options, we've found that re-directing has been the most effective so far. So, that is what we've tried to be consistent with, but let me tell ya... that takes some serious adult discipline. And sometimes adulting is not easy.

Okay, so I ask you... what are your tips and experiences? I have no ego when it comes to parenting. I love hearing everyone's wisdom and tips/tricks. The food throwing is my least (current) favorite so tips on tackling that would be GREAT.

Otherwise, let me tell you the best part of this stage so far: the love.

Obviously I've always loved Parker, but the fact that now he is learning to reciprocate that love more outwardly is the best feeling. I will drop anything, at any point of my day just to hold him and cuddle him. It makes me so happy to see him be so affectionate. And I'll take kisses on the lips ALL DAY LONG for as long as he will give them to me! (Did you ever read that backlash Victoria Beckham got for kissing her daughter on the lips? read here).

These days can be tough, but dang they are fun.

Momma loves you, Parker bug!

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