Au Naturale: 4 Products I'm Loving

I have been exploring natural products since I was pregnant (so a little over two years now). And I will say, this has been a total hit or miss. At one point I even gave up for a month, bought Clinique products and just said, screw it. Then, after two weeks of switching to Clinique not only did my skin go a bit crazy with all of the changes, but I didn't feel right about it. I will never be perfect at this "natural" routine. I'll still slather on self tanner here and there and I'm still having a hard time with natural shampoos and conditioners, but I really felt like there are enough great natural products out there now that I can't really give up. 

So, after more time and money, I'm finally finding things I like. And I will be posting about these products that are working as I go in hopes that I can do all the hard work for others trying to switch over to natural products.

Here is the deal with my skin:

I have dry skin/combination. Mainly dry though. I also have sunspots and pigmentation from all of my previous "no sunscreen" days. I get occasional breakouts, but nothing crazy. And my skin is somewhat sensitive; not to where I need sensitive products, but certain products can really irritate it. So, with that said, I tend to look for hydrating and brightening products that aren't too harsh when it comes to my face.

These are a few of my favorites lately:

1. Andalou Naturals Brightening Beauty Balm: Okay, I'm slightly obsessed with this stuff. I use this as my moisturizer in the morning because it is super moisturizing, has a sheer tint and also has SPF 30. Since I've been in California this has been a lifesaver. If I'm at the beach or headed outside for exercise I don't love to put makeup on, so this has been a nice replacement. It looks like your face just had a big glass of water :)

2. COOLA Guava Mango Sunscreen SPF 50: COOLA is such an amazing brand. I really love all of their stuff. For me, I prefer a spray sunscreen because it is a whole lot easier to put on. And this stuff smells amazing (major plus). Their sunscreen definitely lives with me during the summertime. 

3. Josie Maran Pure Argan Milk Intensive Hydrating Treatment: This as a moisturizer at night has been so helpful to hydrate my skin and give it a nice glow. Contrary to what you might think, the oil will actually not leave your skin feeling oily. My skin soaks this stuff right up (in the best way possible).

4. LaVanila Sports Luxe Deodorant: I used to use their regular version, but I wasn't quite sure it completely helped with odor after a workout. This sports luxe version is a much better option if you are active. I've been loving it! One thing to remember is that most natural deodorants won't really control sweat however. 

Are their any natural products that you love? I am still on the search for a good shampoo and conditioner so I'd love any recommendations! 


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