Mother's Day

Dad and son photo

I don't know about you other mama's out there, but my Mother's Day request was very specific. I'm not really one to love surprises (serial planner problems). So, my requests? Bellini's, Gluten free eggs benedict, and to plop my booty in a lawn chair and sit out in the sun, pretty much all day and read a LOT of magazines.

Seriously. I closed my eyes and asked myself what sounded incredible ( I mean, other than being on an island with a cocktail) and this is what I came up with.

Hopefully YOU are doing something nice for yourself, for your own mama or for a great mama you know (or all the above). I can truly say that it is an honor to be Parker's mama. My family is my entire world, and I have never been so full of love and joy until these two came into my life.

And a big shout out to my own mom. I'm becoming more like you every day. And while that is slightly frightening (lol), I also feel very lucky. I love you mama!

Happy Mother's Day!

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