Quick, Easy + Healthy: A Day of Meals for a Toddler

a day of meals for a toddler

It's hard enough planning meals for us adults, let alone our kiddos (am I right??) And since I'm not with Parker during the day throughout the week, I try and do all I can to make sure he has plenty of good food to eat. It is SO easy to reach for a box of mac n' cheese or feed him starches all day. But, considering the fact that I get to control the food he eats (for now...) I've tried to put a lot of thought into things that are quick and easy to put together (and also taste great).

Just like I do for myself, I pre-cut a lot of fruit for the week and always make extra dinner for lunches the next day!

Here is a sample day of food for a toddler: 

5 oz organic whole milk
Scrambled eggs with a side of avocado and sliced honeydew melon

*We share! Tyson and I make a big batch of scrambled eggs with spinach, mushroom and onions and Parker will eat the same.

Lightly salted snap pea crisps or HappyBaby Puffs

Sunshine Burger heated with some organic green beans (all from frozen)

*And of course he is drinking water all day long

Sliced almond cheese (soy free) and some raspberries

*Sometimes he needs this second snack, sometimes he doesn't.

Salmon, sweet potato and veggies
6 oz organic whole milk 

*He normally just eats what we make for dinner

What are your go-to quick and healthy meals? I'd love some more ideas!

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