Friday Favorites

I am in full Spring swing right now! How about you? We have been having beautiful weather in the Northwest (this is a big deal up here) and sun is practically my coffee equivalent. I always get inspired to do all kinds of things when the weather is nice. So, off to the garden I go. And I'm leaving you with some of my favorites this week.

1. Sakara Cleanse (above): This is a major spring clean for your body. I did the three day plan and I loved every bite, which you might have seen on my snapchat (lindsayinpdx).

2. Barre3: I finally bought the membership. I struggled to justify spending $160 a month on this, but my husband kindly reminded me that the health of my mind and body is worth it. Love you, babe.

image via Barre3

3. Spring Gardening:  Just as I do with having pets, I whole heartedly believe that this is important for your general wellbeing. I went all out at my favorite local nursery, Cornell Farms and stocked up on a bunch of new herbs and flowers.

Have a great weekend everyone! 


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