Cinnamon Waffles (Vegan + Gluten Free)

Nothing says weekend to me these days like some waffles with the family. You know, windows open, coffee brewing, Mickey Mouse Club playing and that big plate of waffles calling your name. I actually just recently broke down and finally got us a waffle maker. I'm not one for having a ton of kitchen gadgets and I figured a waffle maker was kind of like an ice cream maker. You want it when you want it, but it basically sits there in the back of the cabinet until you realize, "oh my gossssh- I totally forgot about this thing!" 

Boy was I wrong...

So You Want to be a Fitness Model

For those of you who may not know, my big girl job is as a booking agent for one of the top sports + lifestyle modeling agencies in the country.

I constantly get asked: What does a fitness model really do and how should one get started? So, I've given you my top tips to becoming a fitness model and actually be successful at it! Get your pen ready.


You type in 'fitness modeling' on google and you will most likely find a few agency websites mixed with a LOT of body building and physique competitors sites. That isn't the type of fitness modeling I'm talking about. I'm talking about the striking model or the strong, beautiful babe you see in an Athleta catalog. Believe it or not, generally those models aren't just a pretty face. These companies have sought out models that have true skills behind their great look. This is because when they don't have those skills, a real athletic person would easily be able to spot that. We've all seen those models with terrible running form or holding yoga poses incorrectly!

So, let me first say this: These are all general tips. There are unique situations where these tips might not apply. But, with that said, as the former model scout turned booking agent, there is very straightforward criteria to what we look for when it comes to new models. So, follow these tips below and stay optimistic and I just might be seeing YOU in the next New Balance campaign!

1. Lean + tone: There is really no better way to describe the type of shape to be in. Being lean, but having definition is what we hope to see. In other words- eating well, taking care of your body and being strong is SEXY. You will find our most successful models truly walk their talk.

2. Take some great digitals: Most modeling agencies will want to help guide you to get the right photos for your portfolio. The best way for you to get noticed at a modeling agency is for you to be as naturally yourself as possible. This means: light makeup and natural hair. Then, have a friend take some great images of you with a good camera or even an iPhone. Digitals should be full body images of you showing your front, side and back view in a bikini or sports bra and shorts. I highly suggest taking these just before dusk in your house with a plain wall as the backdrop or outside. Good lighting will be your best friend!

Advice to my 25-Year-Old Self

When I say this is advice to myself, I mean this quite literally. These were the things I wrote down as reminders to myself as not only encouragement, but also documentation of what I had come to realize as a single, 25-year-old. Now that I'm almost 30, I can honestly say that this advice still has the same relevance, as I think it would for anyone. Let's take a look:

1. Chase your dreams (seriously): All those things you've always wanted to do, do them! I asked myself awhile back, "If nothing mattered- finances, education, etc.- what would you want to do in life?" This isn't to say we shouldn't be practical, but too many of us have a job or do things in life based on worldly suggestion. You were created for a reason, and most likely those things you've always wanted to do are things you would be great at and things that would bring you a lot of joy. Don't be lazy- go for it.

2. Get outside: I truly believe that we don't spend nearly enough time outdoors as we should. There is something transformative about being in nature. I didn't completely understand this until I moved to Oregon from California. Scientists call the reason nature makes us feel so good, biophilia, or the innate affinity humans have for other living things. A few times per week strive for more walking, more exploring, more scenery, more water... I promise you will feel a huge difference.

3. Be you: We have all been uniquely designed. We don't look, act, or sound like another person for a reason, so we must stop trying to. Too many days and hours are wasted comparing ourselves to other people. The moment you let go of everything you aren't and accept everything you are (authentically to you), life will get that much better. Don't give one damn about what people think, just be you!

4. Take care of yourself physically: Eat well and get moving. Remember that there is no "one size fits all" diet solution. The more you fill your body with the right things, the less you will crave the bad. You've got to get moving too- nothing feels better than living an active life. Your mind and body will thank you and you've only got one body, so be good to it!

5. Take care of yourself emotionally: Cultivate good relationships, build community, exercise your mind, meditate, think positively, get enough sleep and talk about your feelings. If something is bothering you or not going well, don't gloss it over. Get to the bottom of it before it gets to be a larger issue.

Friday Favorites

I am in full Spring swing right now! How about you? We have been having beautiful weather in the Northwest (this is a big deal up here) and sun is practically my coffee equivalent. I always get inspired to do all kinds of things when the weather is nice. So, off to the garden I go. And I'm leaving you with some of my favorites this week.

1. Sakara Cleanse (above): This is a major spring clean for your body. I did the three day plan and I loved every bite, which you might have seen on my snapchat (lindsayinpdx).

2. Barre3: I finally bought the membership. I struggled to justify spending $160 a month on this, but my husband kindly reminded me that the health of my mind and body is worth it. Love you, babe.

image via Barre3

3. Spring Gardening:  Just as I do with having pets, I whole heartedly believe that this is important for your general wellbeing. I went all out at my favorite local nursery, Cornell Farms and stocked up on a bunch of new herbs and flowers.

Have a great weekend everyone! 


Quick, Easy + Healthy: A Day of Meals for a Toddler

a day of meals for a toddler

It's hard enough planning meals for us adults, let alone our kiddos (am I right??) And since I'm not with Parker during the day throughout the week, I try and do all I can to make sure he has plenty of good food to eat. It is SO easy to reach for a box of mac n' cheese or feed him starches all day. But, considering the fact that I get to control the food he eats (for now...) I've tried to put a lot of thought into things that are quick and easy to put together (and also taste great).

Just like I do for myself, I pre-cut a lot of fruit for the week and always make extra dinner for lunches the next day!

Here is a sample day of food for a toddler: 

5 oz organic whole milk
Scrambled eggs with a side of avocado and sliced honeydew melon

*We share! Tyson and I make a big batch of scrambled eggs with spinach, mushroom and onions and Parker will eat the same.

Lightly salted snap pea crisps or HappyBaby Puffs

Sunshine Burger heated with some organic green beans (all from frozen)

*And of course he is drinking water all day long

Sliced almond cheese (soy free) and some raspberries

*Sometimes he needs this second snack, sometimes he doesn't.

Salmon, sweet potato and veggies
6 oz organic whole milk 

*He normally just eats what we make for dinner

What are your go-to quick and healthy meals? I'd love some more ideas!