Oregon Hike-In Camping

Last weekend was incredible. It was my first hike-in camping experience and definitely wont be my last. We headed to a (secret) lake about an hour outside of Sisters, OR. Sisters by the way- excellent. The town is a nice mix of country western and native american influence- essentially the blend of two things I love. You can imagine the goodies I walked away with...

After our quick stop we headed onto a long gravel road and caravanned our cars to where we had to park them to begin our hike in. Four girls, four guys, a massive canoe and all of our stuff- you can imagine that the mile hike at a high elevation was no walk in the park.

We made it! We set up the tents, opened some wine and the night began.

Dinner? Mahi mahi, sweet potato, asparagus, and a nice big glass (or uhhh, tin coffee mug) of red wine. Not bad for camping, right? Dinner was followed by good stories, brandy hot chocolates, and a sky full of stars and a roaring camp fire. Pure happiness...

I must have said I wanted to live in a tent here forever about 20 times. Gotta love simple living and some peace and quiet. Oh, and no cell phone service... thank god.

Waking up in the morning was incredible. The air was crisp and all you could really hear were the birds and the occasional fish hopping out of the water. I wake up early (like sunrise early), so I laid in bed and read my book for a bit until I heard the first person wake up. After that, some fried eggs and potatoes along with a big cup of coffee was in order for breakfast. Trader Joes coffee packets are THE BEST- perfect for camping.

The day proceeded with some time around the campfire, laying around in the sun, and taking the canoe out around the lake. It was one relaxing weekend, that's for sure and I was lucky to spend it with some incredible scenery and a great group of friends.

Until next time...

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