To Valentine's Day

In honor of Valentine's Day, not only did I make sure we had pink roses in the house, but I also purchased pink rose champagne, got a pedicure with - wait for it - light pink nail polish and (not finished), have yet to take off my awesome pajama set that just happens to be pink. When being a female is the minority in your house, you've really got to get in as much girlie as you can, when you can. So I decided to capitalize.

Do you love or hate Valentine's Day? I completely understand why people don't like it. If you are single, it is just another way to remind you that, well, you are single! And if you are with someone, you ask yourself, should love really be celebrated just once a year? I totally get it. But for me, I've never really let it bother me either way. Maybe because I love the chance to celebrate anything. But truly, even when I was single, I treated myself like gold on Valentine's Day. So I guess I remain impartial. BUT, its always a good reminder to not forget to love on yourself or someone else.

My husband and I said I love you with boat loads of sushi Friday night (can't really handle the "day of" crowds). This was our first time going to Bamboo Sushi in NW Portland and we were pretty dang impressed. And of course, after we were done ordering just about everything they had on the menu, we just happened to walk into Salt and Straw next door. I don't really understand how that happens, but I swear there are spiritual ice cream forces that lure you in. I didn't even want ice cream, but walked out with scoop and a pint for later. Since I have given up gluten and dairy for a bit, I devoured the dairy-free, Missionary Chocolate's Coconut Cinnamon Chipotle Rocky Road. Say that 5 times!

As for gifts- we haven't opened them yet. I didn't really feel that having Tyson open a present from She Bop would be super appropriate in public. LOL. I promise you it wasn't anything too wild. Really, I wish I was cool enough to own some of the things they have in that store- which, by the way, is just about the classiest place around for a store like that.


On actual Valentine's Day we will be hanging with our family. And taking at least 2-3 naps.

Happy Valentine's Day to YOU! However you celebrate it, make sure to give yourself some extra TLC.

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