Fashionably Late to the New Year

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While physically it is now three weeks in, I am mentally just starting the new year. It has been chaos in our home. Lot's of exciting changes and things happening, but I haven't had time to sit and really focus in on what I want out of 2016.

I personally like making goals and/or things to strive for each year. I like to look back and say, "Okay, what did I accomplish?" I also go through these thoughts on my birthday each year, because technically those are really what hold you accountable. And well, since I'm going to be 30!!!! this year, I realized that I have a lot to think about.
One of my most important goals this year is to shop more at our local healthy grocery store, New Seasons and/or Whole Foods. I've been a big fan of Trader Joes for a long time, for many reasons. Its affordable, they have good organic options, and well...they are awesome. However, I find myself there buying non-local and non-seasonal foods. Not to mention, I tend to buy more items that are packaged.

So far this year, we've averaged an extra $15/per week on groceries by shopping more local, seasonal and organic. And frankly, I think that is quite reasonable considering the long term effects you gain.

As for some other goals:

-Eat less animal products
-Eat less sugar
-Travel more
-Create a more flexible schedule so I can spend more time with my family
-Take more photos
-Fear less, strive more
-Find something new and fulfilling to take on

Happy belated New Year everyone! May this be your best year yet!

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