Quick Baby Fuel: 9-12 Months

I was pretty clueless when it came time to introduce foods to Parker. I spent a few days researching all sorts of methods and frankly just got extremely overwhelmed. We decided to introduce mashed and pureed foods like bananas, sweet potatoes, avocado and apples just a little bit prior to 6 months. Then, we started adding brown rice cereals, more pureed veggies and soft fruits into his diet between 7 and 8 months. Once he hit 9 months, I tried my best to start implementing bigger meals and an assortment of healthy foods since he was no longer breastfeeding. I found that Parker was much more interested in eating what we were having, so I tried to incorporate foods that Tyson and I would want to eat as well, and always made extra.
top six healthy foods for a baby

These 6 items have been my "quick" food staples for Parker. I try to use these before I go grab one of the baby food pouches (even though they do have some great options). My issue with those pouches is that Parker 1). Can eat three at time and 2). The consistency is still too liquid-like. Here are my go-to's:

1. Purely Elizabeth Ancient Grain Cereal- I love this mix and so does Parker! It is packed with nutrients (quinoa, flax, etc.) and higher in protein. I like to mash up a bit of banana or mix in some unsweetened apple sauce with a dash of cinnamon to give it some extra love.

2. Cantaloupe- You can't really go wrong here. This is one of my favorite, easy to eat snacks for Parker.

3. Lundberg Organic Brown Rice Pasta- I love cooking this up (takes about 10 minutes) for a quick lunch and sometimes dinner. We generally try and give Parker what we have for dinner, but when that isn't the case, the is our go-to. We always opt for brown rice pasta over regular. My only complaint is the small amount of added sugar in this mix. Other than that, the flavor is great!

4. Eggs- Organic, cage free always. These bad boys are a staple in the Nead house. One of Parker's favorite meals is scrambled eggs and diced avocado, you know, because he tells me. ;)
Eggs are quick, nutrient dense and a great way to get some protein in, so we are big fans!

5. Suja Power Greens Juice- This took a try or two before Parker really liked it, but there are so few ways for babies to get greens in (unless easily cooked) that I was determined to get him to have some. I love this one because it only contains apples to sweeten it, so you aren't overloaded with sugar like most "healthy" juices. Put a little in a sippy cup and he's a happy boy!

6. Avocado- need I say more? The munchkin has to get his healthy fats in!

Happy eating!!

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