Boston, I Love You

Last week I jetted off to Boston for a work trip and decided to sneak my husband in my suitcase. Boston was GREAT, but leaving our little man at home with the grandparents for 4 days was rough. I knew that it was good for us though. You know, some "us" time. 

Do you remember as a little a kid, looking at a map or an encyclopedia (yep, back then) and going, "I think when I'm older, I'll live..... THERE (skimming over the map)?" Well, that is pretty much what I did when I was younger and Boston was my "there." Clearly things changed because this was my FIRST visit to the city and yes- I'm in love!

We had some pretty crappy weather while we were there, but we still managed to venture around in between my meetings. 

And we ate. We ate a lot of great food. If you haven't checked out Well + Good, I highly recommend you do! They have some awesome healthy city guides that take you to the "best of" healthy spots. 

One in which, was sweetgreen. YUM!

And being the fish lover that I am, you better believe I had just about every fish dish possible. I'm still dreaming about the delicious lobster, mango tacos from Row 34

I also got to meet with the folks at a few different big companies. New Balance was one of them and since I have always been a huge fan of their shoes, I geeked out at their new HQ. The team there also couldn't have been nicer... 

When in Boston:

  • Stay in Backbay or close to Newbury St! The Taj and The Liberty Hotel would be my first choice when I go back again!
  • Shop on Newbury Street.
  • Walk through the Public Garden.
  • Run along the Charles River bike path.
  • Eat lobster tacos at Row 34.
  • Grab a cannoli at Mikes Pastry. So worth it, but prep for a stomach ache
  • Visit Boston Harbor and walk through the Boston Tea Party Museum. 
  • Drive through Cambridge, walk around Harvard. 
  • Visit the infamous Acorn Street. The neighborhood is Boston perfection. 

Next time I'm not on a work trip, I'll be excited to see so much more!

Until next time, Boston!

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