That Fall Feeling

As a previous sun worshiper, I find it funny that I count down the days until we get cooler weather and some rain. I missed out on actual seasons most of my life living in San Diego, so I get pretty thrilled to put some rain boots on, feel the shift in temperature and take in the beauty of the Northwest in the Fall.


I have been devouring this. I feel like you either think smoked salmon is disgusting or delicious. I happen to think it is super tasty:

New Cascadia gluten free seeded bread (toasted), a little Daiya cream cheese, sliced tomato, wild caught smoked salmon (I get the local Oregon kind without brown sugar), a squeeze of lemon, and pinch of sea salt and pepper.

I have been working out a lot from home lately. I'm pretty happy about some of the online workouts you can find. This is one of my favorites: Cardio Burn Pilates (only 30 minutes- you got this!)

The Whole-Brain Child. Highly recommended. 

We just got cable guys. Don't judge me, but the first thing I did when we got it was catch up on all of the Kardashian episodes. Can't help it!! 

Pumpkin patches, house decorating and walks galore. I love watching Parker take it all in. 

City and Colour's new album (so good). 

Old Navy kids online. I can never find the right sizes in store, but you can find the best baby clothes there! 

For a loving household. There is no shortage of love at the Nead's home and I never take that for granted. 

Have a great Monday everyone!

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