Parker Baby: 8 Months Old

What a gift it is to be a mother. I honestly never knew that even the faintest new sound coming from your child would fill your heart with so much joy and excitement. 

I say this every month, but so far this is my favorite month. Watching this little person develop: finding his voice, learning to move his limbs, use his taste buds, see new things... it is all incredible to watch and be a part of. It is also a little frightening, knowing how quickly he is shaping his personality and habits right now.

One thing we have tried to do as parents is show him love like crazy. We kiss each other, then kiss him, we hug and then give him a hug. I cuddle on Tyson while Parker is next to us, and he just smiles and watches. We never raise our voice at each other. We never put him down without kissing him and saying I love you. 

He just sees love. 

Because at the end of the day, I might mess up a million times. I might not teach him things the best way, I might forget to do certain things... but he will always have a lot of love. An unconditional love, which I believe is more powerful than any baby sign language class or stimulating book. 

Momma loves you, bug!

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