Weekend Getaway: Bellingham, WA

The other weekend was a magical one. We left behind the 100 degree weather in Portland in search of a cool ocean breeze and the smell of salt water. Washington I tell ya; what a stunning state. 

We began our trek at the crack of dawn, hitting the road at 5:30am. Car: packed with snacks, pack n' plays, bottles, a tent, the stroller... this how we roll nowadays. Leaving early enough thankfully let us beat traffic. We stopped once for a mini stretch break outside of Seattle and then made our way towards Bellingham.

We decided to take the famous Chuckanut drive route into Bellingham. Think Portland's Forest Park drive meets the beginning part of the sea-to-sky highway in BC. Pure beauty.

Next stop: Food. We headed straight from our drive to Rock N Rye for some brunch. 

This place has the most amazing food and also has a great back patio to enjoy when the weather is nice.

On the menu: A mushroom spinach quiche with a side salad and a peach bellini for me. Tyson indulged in some chilaquiles and local brew. And little Parker enjoyed his all time favorite, Earth's Best.

After a tasty brunch and a little buzz, we headed over to Hotel Bellwether for an early check in. 

One thing I love about this hotel is that even just a standard room is a great one. The room came fully equipped with robes, a massive bathtub with jets, open doors from the bathtub to the room, a fire place, and the comfiest bed I think I've ever been on. The hotel is charming, on the water, and well priced in my opinion. Not to mention, it is pup friendly.

After getting settled into our room, we took off to soak up the perfect weather and explore.

We drove to Teddy Bear Cove for a short hike and a brief visit. Most things tend to be brief with a baby, right? And while the hike to the cove was a major butt burner, it is easy to do with a baby on your back and is definitely worth the scenery.

At this point I felt badly having Parker in the car forever, so we headed back to the hotel to do what we ultimately drove up there to do; relax. After a quick clean up, we went to dinner right next to the hotel. Up until that dinner, Parker has successfully never disrupted us. We have taken him to so many dinners out and have been able to take our time eating while he's either slept or just sat there looking around at everyone. But this was our first "meltdown" I suppose. Luckily it was as we were getting the check, but wow. Hello 7 months old? I quickly had a daydream about the trip without a baby. I would have been able to actually go into a few stores, maybe go for a nice run along the bay with Tyson, and eat/drink our heart outs until the restaurant closed. 

But no. Really, after dinner we just went back to the hotel at 6:15pm (yep) and got the jet tub ready for the ultimate family bath time. We then threw our bathrobes on, poured some champagne and all watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I'm pretty sure we were all asleep by 8:15pm...

The funny thing is, I really wouldn't have it any other way.

Bellingham, we will back! You were well worth the trip.

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