Life with a Newborn - Part Two

It has already been 4 weeks with our little one! And while I often look at the clock and wonder where the heck most days go, I also feel like we've had him for months. Each week has been brought us beautiful milestones along with many new challenges. 

Getting a glimpse into being a stay at home mom is very enlightening. I have so much admiration for the women that do that. See, my husbands schedule is a little tricky. He is a fulltime model, which means that there is no set schedule and our days can change in a matter of an hour. Also, depending on the job, he could be gone anywhere from an hour, to over 8 hours, plus a 3 hour commute there and back from Seattle. 

Anyway, with my Husbands schedule the past week, I have been thrown into some long days with our little one. It has been interesting, that's for sure! Some days are just magical... we go for walks, maybe run an errand or two, stare at each other for as long as we can until we fall asleep... Then, as you may know, you get an "off" day. Especially with Parker and his belly troubles, an off day can get quite overwhelming when you are on your own. But, it all comes with ups and downs, right? You just take each moment as it comes, cherish all of the special time, and just pretend like those bad days didn't happen! 

Here are a few new things I've learned lately:

1. Download the hairdryer noise. I'm not kidding! This knocks him out in an instance. I feel like my home is a permanent hair salon. 

2. Okay, maybe swaddles aren't so bad? One night we couldn't soothe Parker for the life of us. "Maybe swaddle??" I asked my husband. He grabbed the swaddle and wrapped him up as tight as possible. Aaaaaaaand.... SILENCE. Apparently every now and then he enjoys a good swaddling...

3. Start scheduling. Some of you may think I'm nuts, but I am a total planner and function a lot better with a schedule. While I realize he is extremely young to start actually getting him on a schedule, I am at least getting myself on one for now and he seems to be semi comprehending. We have been trying to go to bed at (around) the same time each night. We start with a swaddle in the bassinet and after his second feeding for the night we un-swaddle the babe and bring him in bed with us. I also try and take a walk around 3pm each day. Good for Momma, good for the baby. 

4. Go on a date! You would think I had been locked up in my house for a few years. My husband and I went out to get some drinks and dinner the other night and it was like my 21st birthday all over again. Being a lightweight again is awesome! And thank goodness for the milkscreen strips. I guess I could have kept drinking... 

5. Don't let fear get in the way. I've found myself contemplating plans quite a bit since I've had Parker. Before I had him, I remember always saying that I will never be the mom that doesn't go out and do things just because she has a baby. Way easier said than done, but I do find that the more I continue to live my life and include him in it, the happier I am. 

And don't forget to spend time with other Mommies too... It's important!

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