Dearest Husband

Dearest Husband,

I couldn't help but sit and stare at you while you were sleeping this morning. I know it is early, and you don't love early mornings, but you always kiss me and tell me how much you love me despite how heavy those eyes are.

I couldn't stop smiling this morning. Just thinking about our life, thinking about you. How on earth did I ever get so lucky that I wound up with you? I thought about how quickly our life has evolved together from our first date and how not for one second have I ever slowed down. I love you more each day.

Thank you for always being my dictionary and encyclopedia when I have so many questions. You've really got the good looks and brains down babe.

Thank you for taking such good care of me. I always thought I was the caretaker until I met you. You make life so much easier. 

Thank you for laughter. You and I just get each other. And I love how much you make me laugh. I think Parker loves it too. 

Thank you for being the man that you are. I have never respected and looked up to one person the way I do to you. 

Thank you for getting my car started and warmed up in the morning before I drive it to work when it is cold out. I mean, who does that? You do.

Thank you for coming by my work often just because you want to give me a kiss. Those kisses make my day.

Thank you for being so tidy. I know it sounds silly, but your cleanliness is sexy. And the way you fold your clothes... so dang cute. 

Thank you for your love. The greatest love I've ever known. I thank God that you came into my life. I had no idea relationships like this truly existed and I never, ever take that for granted. 

I LOVE you, 

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