Featured: Tristan Prettyman Interview

Singer-Songwriter, Tristan Prettyman kicks off the new interview series on WELLHAUS.  Tristan is such a beautiful person inside and out.  I love that as busy as she is, she prioritizes her health and still lives life to the fullest.  Read below to learn how Tristan stays healthy and fit...

How would you describe the way you eat?

I eat pretty healthy. I generally lean towards a vegan/vegetarian diet, but I do eat animal protein from time to time. About a year ago, I underwent surgery for a polyp on my vocal chord. At the time, I went to see a Aryuvedic doctor, he ran a bunch of tests, and concluded that wheat and dairy were 2 heavily mucus forming foods for me, and suggested I avoid them as much as possible. So mainly I just try to avoid wheat and dairy, that has helped tremendously with my voice, as well as the way I look and feel. Once I cut out wheat and dairy, my skin cleared up and everything from my hair to my skin, went from dull-to shiny and bright. I still eat it from time to time, since I am not allergic, but I definitely feel much better when I cut it out. I have never liked eggs since I was a kid, so breakfast has always been a tough one for me. Generally my day starts out with fresh juice, a green smoothie, or avocado smeared on toast with tomato, sea salt, and nutritional yeast. Lunch is usually a salad, and dinner, is whatever I am craving. I always try to follow my cravings, they are usually pretty spot on with what my body is in need of.

What kind of exercise do you do to stay in such great shape?
I've been surfing since I was 11, so that is always in the mix. But over the past couple years I have picked up yoga and Pilates. When I am home, I train with my trainer twice a week and I also love going on walks with my mom or with friends. I have always been pretty active. I feel like a slacker if I don't get out and do something everyday.

Out of all of the places you have traveled to, which country inspired you most to be healthy? 
Australia is amazing. Bondi beach in particular. Everyone is beautiful, healthy and beaming. I really loved it there. Healthy food, healthy people. There is this amazing walking pathway right on the water. Every morning I would wake up and look out the window and people would be doing their routines. It inspired me to skip the hotel breakfast buffet and go put my running shoes on.

If you're not in the studio recording, describe your typical day...
I love being at home. About a year ago, I got to move into the house that my parents raised me in until I was about 4. My dad has kept it as a rental since the 70's and when the last tenant moved out, my dad and I remodeled the whole thing. So, I love being in my home.  It's where my mom was pregnant with me and it's where I birthed a lot of the songs on my new album. It has a very nurturing, womb-esque feel to it. I love it. I love cooking as well, so I am always doing some sort of experiment with food in the kitchen. I also have a garden now, so I am usually out there playing in the dirt. Some days I don't ever leave the house... I'll just lay out on the deck in the sun and listen to music.

I'd imagine being on the road a lot can be stressful.  What are a few things you do to combat stress?
Stress while touring is inevitable, it's just part of the program. Schedules are hectic and constantly changing.   And often we are in a new city each day, sometimes 2!  I definitely try to rest as much as I can: napping while driving, not staying up late at night, etc. Diet and exercise are also key.  If I'm not feeling good inside and out, I start to stress out about that, "Why aren't my pants fitting!?" I also try to keep the caffeine and alcohol to a minimum and generally just try to stay in the moment, in the flow, and not worry too much about what is coming next.

What are a few of your favorite healthy places to eat in San Diego?
I love Solace in Encinitas.  Everything is locally grown, organic, and yumorama. It is a little on the heavier side, but they have some really amazing dishes that are just to die for. I also love Evolution Foods downtown. They have these amazing raw tacos, and anyone that follows me, knows that I love tacos! They are made of walnuts and cauliflower, kale, avocado, carrots and wrapped in cabbage (ask for a side of the vegan chipotle and you are ready to rock!).  Naked Cafe is Solana Beach is another staple for me.  I love their whole menu and they are vegan/veg friendly. And I have to mention Zinc Cafe!  Its' right down the street from my house and they have amazing coffee, breakfast smoothies, etc.  And their granola with berries is my favorite! They also have gluten free toast and muffins, which makes me very happy :)

Cocktail of choice?  
I love wine, but that is not a cocktail is it!? I would say Greyhound. Those are yummy :)

You have great skin!  What's your secret?
I get facials regularly and I have been working with Mirabella Mansori in Solana Beach, for almost 6 years now. My mom was always big on facials.  I always thought they were some kind of indulgence, or treat, but for the amount of time I spend in the sun, it's really important for me to take as good a care of my skin as I can. As I have gotten older, I am starting to see the damage and effects of the sun. Exfoliating is huge! I highly recommend using a dry brush for the body and I also use a Clarisonic on my face.  It's hands down the best invention for your face ever.

Favorite meal for breakfast?
Fresh juiced oranges, with chia seeds and aloe vera...
Toast with avocado, cucumber, tomato, sea salt, lemon pepper...
Green Smoothie: A fresh hacked open coconut: The water and some of the meat, vitamineral green, maca, cacao beans, dates, frozen bananas,coconut oil hemp seeds and blend, top with bee pollen...

Any other healthy remedies you incorporate in your life?
I take silica almost everyday for strong nails, skin elasticity and hair (makes it grow fast and strong!)
I also drink a ton of Mate tea.
Whenever I am feeling sick, Oil of Oregano is my go-to. A  couple drops in some orange juice and it will kill anything you have going on inside you.
For my throat, I love Osha root. I am always putting that in my tea or water bottle.
I regularly use liquid chlorophyll in my water too, to help oxygenize and promote healthy blood cells. 

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