Getaway: Coeur d'Alene, ID

We had the best trip to Coeur d'Alene! It's such an easy trip from where we live in Portland. We left in the morning, got there by lunch and had just enough time to settle into our rental for the few days and head to the grocery store.

We had debated whether or not to stay lakeside on the outskirts of town or stay in the middle of town, walking distance to everything. We opted to stay right in town and we loved being there! I will say however, now that I've been there, you can't really go wrong with either. Next time we go we will probably try and do a lakefront property.

Coeur d'Alene is the type of place you want to go to if you don't feel like doing much. When I think of the town, I think of: family time, relaxation, biking, bbqing, lake time, drinks and board games at night. It's your typical relaxing lake vacation.

It's Been a Little While

I guess it's time I do a life update! So much has changed in the last two months and I've really been reminded over and over again that when you feel that nudge for a change, you've got to listen.

When I wrote this post in February, I was ready to dabble into a bunch of things. I was working part time (remotely) at the talent agency in San Diego, then working for my friend that is an Interior Designer, then taking freelance creative jobs on the side as well, all while watching Parker most days. I was excited because I finally had a chance to try a bunch of new things and see what I liked best, but fast forward to the end of February and I was feeling scatter brained and overwhelmed.

Here's what I realized... I like a lot of things. I've always been that way! However, being extremely Type A, feeling pulled in too many directions drove me nuts. I've also learned that as a Type A person, you can't really be doing a bunch of things while trying to figure out what you want to do next. So, I ended up leaving the job in San Diego, stopped taking on any new projects and I took two weeks to not do anything. Financially this maybe wasn't the smartest idea, but truthfully, in the end it was well worth it. I realized that I really needed a second to slow down and stop worrying about what was next, so I did just that.

One thing that I just couldn't get out of my head, was the fact that I've wanted to start my own business for a long time and the talent world was definitely where I felt like I would thrive the most in. For those two weeks, I couldn't stop thinking about it. One day I would want to start my own agency, and then the next day I was remembering what a weird world digital media is and how sometimes, I really hate it. I kept going back and forth on the idea.

I have always loved the actual job. Managing talent, negotiating rates, helping brands find the right people- I love it. The problem I have, is with everything else around it. The superficial part, the competition and the overall industry at times. I knew that if I were going to stay doing the job I love to do, I had to change it up. For me, I didn't want to only see someone posing in every single picture on their social media feed anymore. (And please let me just say, if that's your thing, do it. I also get that if you are a style blogger, it's part of the game!) I just personally feel like there needs to be more. More substance, more to offer, less self-concerned, and more honest and inspiring.

That's how Parker Management was born.

Parker Management thrives in the wellness, travel and lifestyle realm. And honestly, it feels so dang good. I went from feeling frustrated with social media, to feeling so inspired by these people. To know that the talent I get to work with truly do what they love and have a platform for that where they can have an audience and make money from it, is incredible. It's less about "look at me" and a need a for fame, but more about truly showing the world what they are passionate about, and that makes running this business more fulfilling than I could have ever imagined.

So, that's what I've been up to : )

Oh, and now we are trying to find a new house to live in. We having been renting for a few years, but they are going to sell our place. We can't decide whether to buy (although what I want is way out of our price range) or keep renting in a new place for another year. Blaaaah! So yep, that's life, currently.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I'll be soaking up as much of this Portland sunshine as I possibly can and of course working a bit (insert smiling/sweat emoji).


Buffalo Chicken Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

buffalo chicken stuffed sweet potato

I meant to post this recipe back when it was sweet potato season, but better late than never, right?? It's safe to say, I've been a little busy (life update post coming soon).

This recipe however, is one that we are pretty obsessed with in our house because it tastes so indulgent, yet it is packed with nutrients. You know those meals that just satisfy basically any and all cravings? That's this one. Which is why it is always a go-to meal to make if we are having friends over.

I also love that it is easy to make. I'm definitely not the complicated cooking type. These days it's all about quick, thoughtless, healthy, yummy, and QUANTITY. My husband eats for about 4 people at every meal (this is not even an exaggeration), so I have to make a lot of food.

Jumpsuit Season

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a great weekend. I feel super cheesy putting outfit posts up, but I had a bunch of compliments on my outfit yesterday and I just wanted to show that you don't always need to break the bank for cute clothes. I go to Old Navy often to get Parker clothes and their stuff is always so cute and affordable. I honestly hadn't been to an Old Navy since high school, but since Parker was born, I've been amazed every time I go in there at how many cute things they have!

Anyway, if you know me well, you know I LOVE a good jumpsuit. Especially a casual one. If I don't have to think of a full outfit (top and bottoms), I'm a happy gal!

Jumpsuit: Old Navy
Scarf: Target
Necklace: Target

Have a GREAT week!! xx

Northwest Spring Travel Spots

It's that time to come alive again!

Spring is one of my favorite times to road trip in the Northwest. Everything is green again, the flowers are blooming and you feel like a new person because you know that consecutive days of sunshine and good times are just around the corner.

So, pack your bags and take a trip to one of these great towns:

1. Bend, OR: Bend is one of my favorite spots because it is warmer weather and sunshine in the spring, but you still get to see the snow covered mountains in the background. This is a perfect spot for some hiking, biking and great food.

2. Bellingham, WA: You will not be disappointed with Bellingham in the spring. It's as colorful and beautiful as ever. Breaks of sunshine combined with mild temps make this an ideal getaway this time of year. Live music, whale watching, biking, or island hopping- Bellingham pretty much has it all.

3. Ashland, OR: I always love a trip to Ashland. The laid back town is full of arts, music and great food. If you are looking for a quaint town with a great community feel, this is your place. And If you can, take the long way to Ashland (coming from the North) and see Crater Lake on your way down. It's well worth the added miles!

4. Diablo Lake, WA: If you are looking for a great day trip from Seattle or to go somewhere and camp, the turquoise waters of Diablo Lake is a must. If you are like me and like cooler temps when hiking, catching this on a sunny day in the spring is the way to go. If you are also into fishing, May is a great time to head there.