Using Essential Oils in our Home

Ever since I started working from home, I've been glued to my diffusor. I was burning a candle almost every day at my desk, only to realize that my candle wasn't the best to breathe in (thank you to my sister, Kelly who owns Crosby Elements for explaining this to me). 

When I started doing some research prior to purchasing my diffusor, I was pretty impressed by the results people were getting when using essential oils topically and diffusing them. So, I shopped around and ended up getting a few things from Saje Wellness. 

Here is what I ordered:


Here is my very honest opinion: 
I love everything.

Gather: The Fancy Grilled Cheese

My friends can attest, I love me a fancy grilled cheese. And when it comes to throwing parties, I'm pretty sure you can't go wrong serving these.

Pair a grilled cheese with a side salad and soup, and voila! Here is how to keep this budget friendly, simple to put together, and appealing for picky eaters and those friends that have a food intolerance.

Made to Order: A Fancy Grilled Cheese

Bread Options:

Sourdough bread
Gluten-free bread

Cheese Options:

Goats milk cheddar
Gouda cheese
Vegan cheese (my favorite flavors come from Follow Your Heart)

Protein options:

Deli turkey

Veggie Options:

Dill sandwich pickles

Quality Time

Good ol' "quality time." You know, those times when you are unplugged and present, soaking up whichever moment you find yourself in. Sometimes I feel like I've totally lost hold of that concept, and other times I ask myself, why don't I do this more often?

It really struck a chord with me awhile ago when we were on vacation in San Diego. I had every intention to head to the pool and listen to some music while sipping my margarita. Tyson told me to go enjoy two hours solo while he napped with Parker back at the room, so I did just that. Two whole hours at the pool by myself seemed like a vacation all in itself! So, I got my towel, a front row chair by the water, and had my headphones and book by my side, ready to go. I ordered my drink, sat back, watched the beautiful setting and thought, heck, I need a picture of this. So, I strategically placed my beverage in my hand and positioned my legs perfectly for the picture. I took about... 20? Then, I sorted through those and realized my foot looked strange in each image, so of course, I took some more.

I'm sure many of you know exactly what I'm talking about right now.

I ended up taking a ton of pictures and then rolled over onto my stomach to "quickly edit them." I opened my VSCO app, started filtering the image and then I posted it. After I posted it, I found myself caught up in scrolling through Instagram mindlessly for about 30 minutes.

There I was, an hour into my "me time." Worrying about capturing an image and then falling right into the Instagram rabbit hole. Getting sucked into what others were doing, when right in front of me was the best moment of all.

Our Winter Pantry

'Tis the season for warm, nourishing foods. Notice how your body is beginning to crave warmer, heavier meals? Listen in. Just as the seasons change, so do our bodies. The more we pay attention to the foods our bodies crave, the better we tend to feel.

Have you tried to eat intuitively? Even just for a day, I encourage you to give it a try. Wake up in the morning and take a minute to really think about what your body wants and craves. Be careful here, because you might be getting misinformed by the sugar effect. Think less about indulging, and more about what you feel would really nourish your body.  Then, carry that same approach for the rest of the day. Are you hungry for a snack? Listen in. Sometimes a nice bowl of miso soup in the wintertime will satisfy you rather than a protein bar or smoothie.

Here is a sample day meal plan that might satisfy you during the winter months:

Oatmeal with walnuts, maple syrup, chia seeds and homemade cashew milk

Massaged kale salad with pumpkin seeds, wild smoked salmon, shaved carrots and a miso vinaigrette

Apple slices and almond butter

Roasted chicken with carrots, celery, chard, and potatoes

After Dinner:
Dark Chocolate and some ginger tea

Happy eating, friends! xx