My Fall Focus List

I've started writing my focuses (or goals, intentions, whatever you want to call them) at the start of each season this year, and this time, I'm sharing it with you! I've found that this helps really set the "theme" of the season and reminds me of how I want to grow and progress.

My Fall Focuses:

1. Nourish and move. I feel amazing when I forgo dairy, gluten and only drink alcohol here and there. I have to remember that and make better choices with food. I also want to move in new ways and try new things. I want to try a dance class and maybe take tennis lessons! 

2. Remember LINDSAY before marriage and Parker. I am the first one to admit that my attachment to Tyson and Parker is SO strong. I've never felt so much love, comfort and happiness like I do with my little fam. And I know that sounds so sweet, but never getting tired of being around them makes it really hard for me to remember my identity on my own, before them. I know my identity has changed now that I'm a wife and mother, but sometimes I get so caught up and comfortable in family life, that I forget that I have other elements to my being that need fulfillment. So this season, I want to take more time to see my friends, do more things for work on my own (like the endless work trips that need to happen), etc. 

3. Take time for new hobbies and ideas. Now that the Parker Management model side will not be there (the modeling division was just acquired!), I need to give myself time to chase after my interests, not just what will make me money. Some things I'm really interested in doing more of is helping people/brands with social media, photography, teaching barre3 maybe, cooking, blogging more, traveling, learning French and potentially business coaching. I want to learn and educate myself more. I want to help people! I have so many things I want to do and I just need to free up some space to start letting myself do some of those things.

4. Get a colonoscopy and endoscopy. I have been putting this off for awhile because going under or being sedated scares the crap out of me. To the point where I literally think I'm going to elect to do it without any sedation. But unfortunately due to a family history of issues, I have to get this done earlier than most! Ugh. 

5. Road trip to California. We are planning to drive from Portland, to SF, to San Diego, and back up to Napa and then home. Road trips give me so much inspiration and also allow me to sift through so many thoughts.

6. Spend my time more wisely. I really want to work on getting better about time management and I know that takes discipline. 

7. Try something spiritually challenging. Go on a solo retreat, meditate more frequently, spend more time in prayer, get out in nature more often. Whatever it is, get in touch spiritually. 

8. Work on my fears and anxiety. This one is what holds me back from SO many things in my life. It's so odd, because I've found that the more comfortable I get in life, the more anxiety I feel. The less I push myself out of that comfort zone, the more anxious habits form in my life. I really need to make some leaps of faith this year and take myself out of what feels so nice and safe. 

9. Just BE. This ties in a lot with working on my anxiety and fear, but I have a really hard time just being. The quieter and more present I get, the more my anxious thoughts come in and take me away from great moments. For example, when something is going great and I am enjoying myself, rather than showing gratitude and being present, I start to think of negative things or thoughts like "why is this so great... do I deserve this? Or, does this mean something bad is going to happen?" I could go on and on with this subject, seriously. I really need to work on it!

What are your focuses lately? Try and make a list! These help me so much. I also feel like I need to write another follow up post on anxiety soon given that is still such a work in progress in my life. Let me know if you want to hear more on that. I know it's helpful to read about and relate to others journeys. 

Happy September, friends!! xx

Running a Business from Home: A Day in the Life

First of all, I guess I should explain to you all what I do for a living! I feel like I've never fully explained this. 

I run an influencer + model management company. It's basically a talent agency in a sense, except we fully manage our talent, which means we oversee their careers. My days consist of a LOT of brand calls, chats with our team, social media, negotiating talent fees, and sifting through contracts. Sometimes I get a good laugh in when I think about how some of my days go. I've taken calls while making lunch, while Parker is screaming in the background and I'm not going to lie, one time I MIGHT haven taken a conference call while I was in the bathtub. At the beginning, I was ALL over the place. I honestly had never felt so chaotic. But these days, although the chaos is still there at times, I've definitely found more of a groove.

Never in a million years did I think we'd grow this large of a company, this quickly, right from my home. I'm pretty fortunate because my job really only tethers me to my email, so I can essentially work from wherever. I thought we'd be in an office after 3 months, but when I realized how much myself and my employees enjoyed working from home, I thought, we don't actually NEED an office. And I think that has been a big factor in our growth financially. Low overhead!

Ok, now onto my typical day:

7am: It's usually like clockwork. I wake up about 7am (no alarm anymore thank God) and within minutes, Parker comes running into our room, jumps in bed with us, and then we all cuddle and play for about 20 minutes. So cheesy, and so wonderful.

7:30am: Breakfast! At this point I usually grab my laptop and head to the couch to work while I eat. I know some would say this isn't healthy, but I'm so productive at this time of the day so it works for me. I've also usually had a ton of East Coast client emails pour in, so I enjoy cranking out work this way. Breakfast is my usual: either a healthy smoothie or a slice of sourdough toast with a fried egg and sprouts. And of course, COFFEE. I either do bulletproof coffee or organic half n half with coconut sugar. I cannot break into coconut or almond milk creamers. It's just not the same!

9am: Parker and Tyson usually head to the gym at this time, so depending on the day, I either keep working or I try to head out to a Barre3 class or for a run. Most days it's tough for me to even leave for a class, so I will end up doing B3 online head outside quickly. This day was a quick run since I have a bunch of conference calls this afternoon.

11am: I think the biggest misconception I had about working from home was that I'd have time to make these beautiful, healthy meals. I really feel like I've done that only a handful of times. So lately, I've been taking advantage of the Caviar app which is a food delivery service from all of your favorite local restaurants. I actually found out about them after a few failed deliveries with another company and I was sold.

12pm: This particular day, I hopped on the app and ordered a Greens bowl (added salmon) + a Turmeric smoothie for later in the day from Root Cafe. Having a really yummy meal like this delivered to the house is literally the highlight of my week. I of course don't do this everyday, but I like to do this at least 1x per week.

12:30pm: I power through more emails and then I like to give myself a little afternoon break. I will either run some errands, meditate, clean the house and listen to a podcast, or take Parker to the park. It is SO easy to keep pushing through and forget to break. I feel like I just have a laundry list of to-do items that never stops growing. BUT, it's so important. Taking that mental break and just leaving my phone in a different room for a little bit, is so helpful.

2:30pm: I grab my smoothie that I had delivered and head outside to take my next call. Today, I'm just having a check-in call with one of the girls I manage. We do soooo much online that I find it to be so helpful and productive to hop on a call.

3:30pm: I run through some social media planning with the team and then go online to do my one social media post on my personal account. I will say, it's been tough for me to keep up my blog and Instagram with so little time! But I really love doing it, so I try and make the time for it. It's my own little creative outlet that means a lot to me.

4pm: I finish up the day because I'm planning on signing off at 4:30pm today so I can get ready to head to a friends birthday party. When I wrap up my days, I usually like to make a to-do list or priority list of action items for the next day. This helps me stay focused and on track!

6pm: I hop in the car, put some mellow music on to unwind for the day. It's time to enjoy the rest of the evening with friends! (Thank you to my awesome husband for taking care of Parker all day today).

Running a business from your home comes with it's challenges, but I wouldn't have it any other way. What really has helped me stay focused and productive is taking FULL advantage of the things that make my life easier and are convenient. Things like Barre3 online, Google calendars, Slack, Amazon Prime, and my new favorite, Caviar. 

I've partnered with Caviar on this post because it actually is a service I use and love. All opinions are my own.

For $10 off your first Caviar order, use LINDSAY at or check online to find if Caviar serves your city!

Until next time, have a great week : )


Life Shifts and a Little TLC

If I'm quiet on here and on social for a little while it's because I'm on to something. Last week I was hit with a million things I wanted to start doing. In a good way. I just felt this "out of the blue" tug. At first I had to quiet the voice in my head and say "whoa whoa, this is too much." But I couldn't really get that voice to shut up, so instead, I just chose to listen. I went in my room, laid on my bed, closed the door and I just started to tune in.

"The talk" I had with myself was a bit all over the place. I should really hire more employees. Gosh I need to download more podcasts and start listening to those again. You know, I really should meditate more. OMG, I just had the best business idea. I should try and finish two books this month. Should I schedule a Barre3 class for tomorrow? I think I'm ready to move. Tea sounds kind of nice right now. Yeah, I should go make a cup of tea. No, ok, just stay in bed here a little longer and let's think through some things. I need to do some more creative things more often. In two years from now I wonder what I'll be doing?

Literally, this just went on and on and on.

I just let those thoughts ride out until I'm pretty sure I just got hungry and that took my mind off of it all. But it kind of made me realize... that's the crap I'm trying to sort out right now in my life. And heck, this is just the classic case of a curious person. Or maybe a 30-year-old, I can't quite tell. There are so many dang things I want to do that sometimes I just end up not doing any of them because it's all just too much.

So that's when I called it quits with my thoughts. Enough about ME and my thoughts. Enough trying to do it all at once. Enough shoulds. I knew in that moment that I just needed to let these things happen by creating more space to let it happen and by exploration with practice and learning. I've always lived by the idea of crowding out. If you want to create a new, long-term habit, rather than just drastically doing something new or cutting the old habit out, you just start adding in a lot of the good stuff and eventually the "bad" stuff isn't what you want anymore. So that's basically the plan.

It's been a really productive and inspiring last 5 days. They've been filled with so many ah-ha moments, so much clarity already, but most importantly, just a whole lot of contentment. I'm not here to tell you that you need to do all of these things, but I couldn't bear to not share this stuff because it's been shifting my life at the moment in such a positive way and frankly... it just feels soooo good! My days have been full of doing, absorbing and letting. Just letting it allllll come together, whatever the heck it is you are trying to gain clarity on or learn more about.

Here have been the game-changers for me:

1. EFT (Tapping). Tap in the car, at your desk, on the couch, at the gym. Just start tapping! For anxiety, self-doubt, thought reframing, etc. This technique has been one of the best tools lately and I've honestly been amazed at the difference tapping has made in my life. This video is an easy guideline.

2. Signing off social media. Just take a dang break. Except of course to share this post : ) But really... free up your time, let your mind focus more on your own journey and not on 500 others, and just disconnect for a bit. It doesn't need to be forever, just for a little bit. A few days, a week, a month...

3. You Are a Badass. This book is SUCH a good one. For anyone, really. I feel like it should be a pre-requisite in your 20's. I've been reading it first thing in the morning while sipping my coffee rather than on my phone, tv or starting work. What a better way to start your day.

4. Podcast like crazy. My favorite shows right now are:

The Melissa Ambrosini Show
Meditation Minis
The Tony Robbins Podcast
The School of Greatness
The Life Coach School

5. Meditate. Get quiet. 5-20 minutes. Ideally in the AM. Just commit! It's worth it.

These 5 simple-as-heck practices have been incredibly impactful. I feel like I've been at a self-help bootcamp in a sense and I just want MORE. And more and more and more. If I'm slightly obnoxious lately about deeper things, now you know my why. 


The Wellhaus Travel Guide: Oahu

Oahuuuuu! What an amazing place. I mean, any part of Hawaii is amazing, but Oahu is such a fun experience. It definitely has a little bit for everyone: city, beautiful beaches, shopping, hiking, surf, great food, did I mention beautiful beaches? I always made it a point to avoid that island because it was the most crowded, but I'm really glad we finally went because it's easy to get away from the crowds and find a sweet little slice of paradise.

We actually stayed at the Four Seasons in Ko Olina for most of our trip and can I just say... WORTH IT. We chose this spot because (one) you can never go wrong with a Four Seasons hotel and (two) it was right next to the Disney resort Aulani. Maybe I shouldn't divulge this, but staying at the Four Seasons AWAY from the craziness with all the kiddos, but being right next door and popping in to visit Mickey + Minnie was genius. After about 15 minutes there I couldn't wait to get back to our more peaceful spot. I know many people love Aulani and rave about it, but I just don't love doing vacation that way. I will say, we did end up going to their luau though and that was truly amazing! One of the absolute best luau's I've been to, especially if you have kiddos!

A few other perks of the Four Seasons Ko Olina:

-Babysitting on site
-Complimentary yoga, pilates, etc. classes in the AM
-A few separate pools (an adult pool + a kiddo pool)
-Your own private little bay area
-Complimentary paddle boards, snorkels and other pool/beach items
-An amazing kids center (kids 5 and up get to go to their day camps)

All in all, that place is definitely ideal for pure relaxation. It was amazing as a family, and I could imagine it equally as amazing just as a couple or going for a girls trip. You honestly just can't go wrong there.

Ok, I'll stop rambling about how much I loved it! Onto the full travel guide...

Motherhood: Life With a Threenager

Three started out like a dream. More affection, more silliness, more conversation. I was amazed at how different it felt from the two’s. I mean, it felt like Parker was a straight up grown-up all of a sudden.

Fast forward to ALMOST 3.5 years old (aka, like two weeks ago) and I feel like we have a full-fledged teenage boy on our hands. Or actually, like a teenage girl, because I swear he is just like I was when I was 16.

Right now we are just kind of sitting back and letting this (hopefully) ride out, because dang this has been rough. With Parker, I've always felt like we lucked out big time. For the most part, he has been a super fun, loving, and generally easy kiddo. But boy have we seen some changes lately.

What changes you ask? Haha! Ok, allow me to walk you through this a bit. And PLEASE comment, text, call, email, whatever, and let me know if you have experienced this because this has been straight up BATTLE. World War III.

So, the screaming...

If he doesn’t get something, if we have to leave a place he wants to be at, or basically if something or anything doesn't go his way, in come the screams. Not only are there the screams, but also come the "I hate you!" and "You are mean!" or just hits to the face. Yep. This is all while mid scream. And this seems to happen most often in public places. Yay!

I remember specifically the first night this happened. The screams were accompanied with a LOT of hitting and throwing things and that night Tyson and I went right to battle with him. We yelled back and tried to be as firm as possible. And guess what... there was no winner that night. It just kept going and going and going and going and going. Until we were all practically in tears.