8 Things I've Learned As A New Business Owner

This post is for anyone that currently owns a business, thinking about starting a business, or just simply curious. To anyone that has been asking me about it all, I hope this post helps answer some of your questions!

Let's jump right in.

Starting a business has been the toughest yet easiest journey. I say easiest lightly, and I really just mean that it isn't nearly as scary as I thought it would be. When I say hardest, it's because everything is NEW. I started as a one-woman show; from account management, to invoicing, to legal stuff... I had to know it all.

To say that I've learned a lot throughout the last 7 months is an understatement. I mean, no experience like jumping right into it can show you all of this. As some of you may know, I had a nutrition consulting business for 4 years prior to working in the entertainment industry (I guess that's what we can label it). Starting that was much, much different because it was just me and just 2 sessions with clients a day. With Parker Management, I knew I was building a company. Much of what I knew about business before definitely helped propel this new venture, but building this brand has been a completely different story. So, I'm here to share some of the biggest takeaways thus far in the journey. As most of you know, I'm a shoot-for-the-stars type of person. I truly believe that it's up to us to create what our lives look like, and if you have dreams and desires that you aren't pursuing, start making a plan!

1) Just start. Not next month, not "maybe next year," not when you have enough money saved up. I know this may not sound practical, but just get started somehow. 

2) Get tough: This is a lengthy one guys, but bear with me. If you don't develop thick skin quickly in business, it's not going to last. Maybe it's someone saying something bad about your product, or you just watching other brands do something better. For me, it has been contending against the business I used to work for. Here's where I'll be real- I struggled for a long time with wanting to start my own talent agency. I didn't want to compete with the agency I used to work at because I truly felt bad about it (the sensitive/people-pleaser side of me). At the same time, I also saw things that could be improved upon. When you aren't in a position to improve those things, you are left with thinking... I can do this and I can do this better. Isn't that what a lot of people do? Here's the thing... never feel bad for wanting to do your own thing. I felt guilt up until about a month ago. The main thing is to do things with integrity. If you can be honest in business, then you are doing the right thing. And if you offend your old coworkers or bosses by starting something on your own, then so be it. This is your journey! I remember when a friend reminded me of all the great businesses that were started because someone branched away to do something similar, but different and better. No one should ever be upset with you for having that desire to pursue your own dreams. So, brush it off and get tough! Don't get discouraged by negative noise.

Wellhaus Wellness Guide: Portland, OR

After my first Healthy Food Guide to Portland, you all asked me about the naturopath I go to, spa recommendations, best fitness studio, etc. So, I'm here to share! Luckily, here in Portland, there is no shortage of all things that keep you looking and feeling WELL.


Blooming Moon Spa: This place might always be my favorite because I've been going there since I moved to Portland. They offer great, natural products and they have killer facials, nail care, massages, and waxing. Ginny, the owner, couldn't be more talented and their new space is beautiful.

KIVA: Both a cafe and spa, they offer a really great overall experience. I prefer their facials the most!

Rumi Simone: This is technically in Lake Oswego, but if you are looking for a "luxe" experience, this is the spot to go!


Skin By Lovely: I couldn't say better things about this place. Everyone there is extremely knowledgeable and talented. If you go this route with your skincare, this is the best place to do so.


Barre3: If you know me, you know I love me some Barre3! It's challenging, relaxing, and full of good music, great people, and NO PRESSURE. Perhaps my favorite thing about the class is that you don't feel like you have to be in the best shape, wearing the best outfit to show up. Plus, they are HQ'd in Portland!

YoYoYogi: This is such an awesome yoga studio for so many reasons. I love all of the different classes they offer. My only complaint would be that parking down in the Pearl isn't always the most fun, but the great classes make it worth it!

StarCycle: Best spin class in town, no question.


Midas: Great spot in the NW. Wine and nails? Yes please!

Finger Bang: If you are looking to do get some fun nail designs, this is the spot. Make sure to make an appointment!

Blooming Moon Spa: The best spot for a spa pedicure. All non-toxic too!

Northwest Bagel Plate

Ok, you asked for it! And I will gladly share this recipe because it's way too simple and tasty not to share!

As some of you may know, I've been trying to decrease the amount of dairy in my diet, so I've been playing around with a lot of different nut cheeses. When I came across Kite Hill's cream cheese, I realized that going dairy-free is practically a walk in the park. There are so many great options now that will satisfy that cheesy craving.

Anyway, a loaded bagel is my weakness. I've always loved them, but usually stay away from them because it's hard to find gluten-free/dairy-free options. So, I took it upon myself to create my own. I was inspired to add smoked trout to as a replacement to smoked salmon and it was a good move. See the full "recipe" below : )

1 New Cascadia everything bagel (gluten-free)
Kite Hill chive cream cheese
thinly sliced cucumbers
smoked trout
rainbow sprouts

Assemble as you'd like!

That's it! I also like a little squeeze of lemon on top.

Enjoy : )

Officially "in my 30's"

I felt like 30 was my denial stage. Not because I didn't want to be 30, I literally just kept forgetting. I was forever 29 in my eyes. So, now that I'm 31, I'm feeling official!

For my birthday, my mom, sister and a dearest friend of mine headed out to Stoller winery and gosh, that place is stunning. We drank some rose, snacked on a charcuterie plate, laughed, talked about life and took in all beauty of Oregon wine country.

 This is 31. 

I don't know about you, but life for me just seems a bit crazy lately. Not only am I at my max capacity for what I can take in news wise (fires, hurricanes, politics, etc. etc. etc), but I'm also trying to find a life balance while running my own company.

When I get a bit burnt out on life, I'm reminded of all the important things. The things that truly matter in life like family, friends, laughter, the simple things...

Getaway: Kirkland, WA

A couple of weeks ago Tyson and I took a solo trip up to Kirkland, WA for a quick overnight getaway. Tyson is up in Seattle quite a bit for work, so any chance I get, I try to tag along. I love me some Seattle! 

This trip we took was so needed! Between moving houses and my business growing so quickly, everything just feels like a LOT lately. When I start to feel a bit burnt out, I always like to plan a quick getaway. It's my recharge! And staying in Kirkland and at the Woodmark Hotel couldn't have been a better place to do this. 

Where to Eat:

Where to Stay:

Things to do:

-Rent kayaks (free for hotel guests at the Woodmark)
-Rent a boat
-Grab lunch downtown
-Run/walk along the waterfront

Key Travel Notes:

-Boating, kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding
-Tons of healthy food options
-Only 20 minutes from downtown Seattle 
-Great shopping close by 
-Good place for kids